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The Yetee Blog

Introducing: Yetee Upcycling

So when life gives you lemons we all know what to do. But what about shirts? We sell them cheap, we donate them for fundraisers, we give them away. But what if we can transform them into something new?

This was the idea behind Yetee Upcycling. We started this division of the Yetee with one person: Pam. She took home a few boxes of shirts to make some blankets. They turned out rad, but then she showed me these pillows that she made. They were fantastic. Turning our shirts into these throw pillows with fantastic designs.

So today we are officially launching Yetee Upcycling. The idea is to start with Pam, if this grows, then Pam will train the next worker. We hope to hire local talented people that want to put their skills to work. If a pillow or blanket doesn't sell, then it will be donated to a local shelter or organization in need. We want to turn our excess into a positive force in the community.  


Check it out Yetee Upcycling

Yetee Records Releases July 2018

Tuesday July 17 @ 1pm CST:

Zones by Saskrotch

Zones is a Genesis-infused chiptune album that has a really high-energy, head-bobble grit to that makes this a sweet, limited edition tape to get!


Wednesday July 18 at 1pm CST:

Monolith Soundtrack 
by ArcOfDream

Monolith is a top down action shooter with procedurally generated elements. Explore a large, abandoned facility in search of incredible power, fighting dangerous foes and gaining new weapons and upgrades as you progress. High-energy authentic chiptune music will keep you bumping this record for hours even if you haven't played the game!


Thursday July 19 @ 1pm CST:

SOS: Somnius Original Soundtrack 

Award-winning Original Soundtrack (Leo Award for Best Musical Score in Animation 2018) composed by Marc Junker and David Parfit. This is a sci-fi short film directed and animated by Denver Jackson at Cloudrise Pictures. It is currently being developed into a TV series.

The album drops at 1pm CST, Thursday July 19!



Tank Tops are here!

The sun is starting to hang higher in the sky, and the air is getting warmer every day! It's time to hang up the zip ups and put away those hoodies, and let those shoulder noodles see some daylight! That's right! Tank tops are back, baby! 

From May to some time in autumn, (really it depends how quickly it starts getting chilly again), we'll be offering tank tops every day! You'll be able to grab our daily designs on regular tees or, if you're so inclined, those sweet, arm freeing tanks for just $13!

And coming soon... Our annual event... Excellent designs. Ladies style tank tops (for a limited time)... The ultimate celebration of sleeveless summer-ware...

Sweatyfest is coming. Stay tuned for the tank top event of the summer! 

New Completionist Merch!

Spring is in full swing, and we've got some new Completionist merch to help get you into the spirit! We've got two new baseball tees for the Established Gamer himself, celebrating 7 years of completing games! 

And if you're looking for some new stickers for your water bottle, car, or whatever you want to put stickers on, we've got you covered there too! You can snag the Completionist Emote sticker pack now too! #PartoftheShipPartoftheCrew

Record Store Day 2018 Announcements

Record Store Day is Saturday, April 21, 2018 and we have some titles being released that we are very excited about, and also some good deals on existing records— available RSD only! We also have a few special surprises.


Indie City Soundtrack by Ian Dorsch

 Celebrating the indie gaming scene in Chicago!


Symphonies of the Knight by Mega Ran and K-Murdock

This is an exclusive release by Mega Ran that originated on his Patreon and is now available in a limited edition on Yetee Records, pressed on dark grey smoke vinyl. Buy this album and get 50% off Black Materia!


Celeste Soundtrack by Lena Raine (Yetee-exclusive variant from Ship To Shore)



 New Yetee Records Merch!

And last but not least a couple of special surprises:

Katamari Fantasy Flexi Disc overstock:

Limited Quantities and extremely rare! We have overstock from our move/conventions that we are going to sell off on Saturday only. If you missed on the initial sale, now's your chance to grab a copy of the cult classic mashup album R23X.


Black Materia White Disc overstock:

Only a handful of these in existence, and we are selling the few we have left! Saturday, April 21 is your only chance to get your copy of the now-rare limited variant white disc copy of Black Materia!


In addition to all of this, the following records are 30% off on Record Store Day April 21, 2018:


Artist Spotlight: Jason Cryer

California-based awesome t-shirt designer Jason Cryer answers The Yetee’s questions

 Jason Cryer is a San Anselmo, California-based designer that has been collaborating with The Yetee to make awesome t-shirts and pins for years. Cryer’s works can be dark and gritty, while also being adorable and fun, which makes for interesting and compelling designs. Besides working with The Yetee, Cryer’s claim to fame is an official Twin Peaks t-shirt design, personally approved by David Lynch. We got in touch with the graphic designer to learn a little more.

What inspired you to become an artist? 

I consider myself more of a graphic designer than an artist — art is about self-expression, but that’s not always the goal in design. I’m not a skilled illustrator but I love working with typefaces, photos, lines, colors, etc. You can express a lot with no imagery at all. Record covers, and particularly the work of Rob Jones, drew me to graphic design. I split my time between more business-oriented design work and creative work.

3 Logos created by Cryer for theyetee

How long have you been making t-shirt designs? How did you get connected with The Yetee?

 About 7 years. The Yetee was fairly new when I started submitting designs, but it’s all a bit fuzzy. Over the years, I’ve developed a great friendship with the folks who run the show. Can’t ask for a better group of people to work with.

Can you tell me the inspiration behind your Yetee designs? 

Any design I make for The Yetee is something that has a personal attachment for me. I try not to follow trends, and most of my designs are colored by some sort of nostalgia — I don’t get the same inspiration from modern pop culture. I enjoy reducing things into a simple iconic graphic. I generally prefer designs that are only a few colors and not too complicated.

What/who inspires you? 

Massimo Vignelli, Aaron Draplin, The Designers Republic and dozens more I can’t remember right now. Saul Bass. Pentagram. David Lynch. Steve Jobs. Kraftwerk. Braun. Polytron. Keita Takahashi.

What medium do you like to work in? 

The majority of my designs are created entirely in Illustrator, sometimes a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop. I enjoy drawing and working in a variety of mediums, but my skills are best expressed through Illustrator and Photoshop.

What is your dream job? 

I would love to design movie posters or work somewhere like the Criterion Collection or Apple.

What work have you done that you are most proud of?  

Designing an official Twin Peaks t-shirt that was personally approved by David Lynch was a huge honor for me.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

I would love to visit Japan when I can find the opportunity, so much of my work is inspired by Japanese culture. Italy and Germany are two other big destinations, too.

Check out Jason Cryer’s Yetee page:



Synthetic Core 88 by EQUIP

Synthetic Core 88 is a Full-Length album, pressed on 12" LP Picture Disc. Available March 7 at 1pm CST. It's a collaboration between Drew Wise and EQUIP. A JRPG Soundtrack for a game that doesn't exist!

Scroll down to check out a sneak preview track.


The unique picture disc design makes it look like that rare PS1 gem you have been searching for on Ebay for all these years.

 Flora must reach the Azure Grotto before the Dark Beacon is lit. Only one way down- via the once elegant, now antique steam powered submarine.

 Available on Yetee Records March 7, 2018.


TOVG True Gamer Giveaway

We're giving away all this amazing stuff:

for the Truest Gamer to enter the giveaway! Make sure you don't miss out and enter here:

Enter to win a Nintendo Switch Bundle from The Yetee and Jesse Cox!

We have a cool giveaway going on with our good friend Jesse Cox! You can win a Nintendo Switch with Fire Emblem Warriors and Mario Kart 8! 

Giveaway runs until March 1st!

The Giveaway is over! Sorry!

Shirt Price Increase

We know, this is a scary title to a post, but we promise it isn’t that scary! For the last 6 years, we’ve been selling our daily shirts at $11, and it’s gone great! We’ve grown and changed a lot over that time as a company and a community. We want to make sure that change continues to happen without sacrificing the things about the Yetee you know and love.  

Starting today, our daily shirts will be priced at $12 plus shipping. See? I told you it wasn’t scary. We’ve only increased by 1 dollar!

We’ve had to increase our prices for one simple reason: The Shirts.

Our prices haven’t changed, but our costs have. We want to make sure we continue to offer the same hi-quality screen printing that you are used to, without sacrificing quality.

In a growing marketplace where on demand printing is widely available, it is important to us to continue offering affordable limited edition silkscreened t-shirts. We also wanted to be as upfront as possible about our reasoning; we want to keep giving you what you deserve! Quality tees and pizza. But we can really only do the quality tees part.


The Yetee

Introducing… Yetee Printing

Since the summer of 2011, The Yetee has been providing amazing and affordable tees for your torso. In 2014, because of your support, we have moved all of our printing in house.

What does this mean to you? Less wait for you to get your shirt. Better quality control. Jobs for our amazing print shop guys (as seen in this video) and more flexibility for The Yetee to offer cool bonuses like buttons, stickers and more. This is only the beginning.