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Upcoming Cassettes on Yetee Records

Posted May 31, 2019
Upcoming Cassettes on Yetee Records

We are proud to announce three new cassette releases coming up in June!

Anodyne OST by Sean Han Tani:  June 5 @ 12pm CST

Neo-Tokyo by Lifted Traces: June 12 @12pm CST

Vacation Wasteland by Slime Girls: June 19 @12pm CST


Anodyne OST (June 5) by Sean Han Tani: 

The official soundtrack for the adventure game Anodyne; the 16-bit-era-esque musical companion to the your adventure through the natural, urban and abstract landscapes in the mind of the human Young.
More info about Anodyne (on Switch/Steam) here.

Neo-Tokyo (June 12) by Lifted Traces:

The first release from Lifted Traces, 'NEO TOKYO' was written and recorded on vintage synthesizers. Performed live on the 7th of December, 2018 in an immersive theatre at Austin School of Film. This is the official studio recording of their re-score to AKIRA.

Vacation Wasteland (June 19) by Slime Girls:

Slime Girls debut EP, "Vacation Wasteland." Chiptune 12" currently available on Yetee Records, now freshly re-pressed on cassette as well!

All three cassettes will be pre-orders expected to ship in July 2019. Limited editions of 100, 100, and 250 respectively.