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Introducing: Yetee Upcycling

Posted August 17, 2018
Introducing: Yetee Upcycling

So when life gives you lemons we all know what to do. But what about shirts? We sell them cheap, we donate them for fundraisers, we give them away. But what if we can transform them into something new?

This was the idea behind Yetee Upcycling. We started this division of the Yetee with one person: Pam. She took home a few boxes of shirts to make some blankets. They turned out rad, but then she showed me these pillows that she made. They were fantastic. Turning our shirts into these throw pillows with fantastic designs.

So today we are officially launching Yetee Upcycling. The idea is to start with Pam, if this grows, then Pam will train the next worker. We hope to hire local talented people that want to put their skills to work. If a pillow or blanket doesn't sell, then it will be donated to a local shelter or organization in need. We want to turn our excess into a positive force in the community.  


Check it out Yetee Upcycling