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Record Store Day 2018 Announcements

Posted April 17, 2018
Record Store Day 2018 Announcements

Record Store Day is Saturday, April 21, 2018 and we have some titles being released that we are very excited about, and also some good deals on existing records— available RSD only! We also have a few special surprises.


Indie City Soundtrack by Ian Dorsch

 Celebrating the indie gaming scene in Chicago!


Symphonies of the Knight by Mega Ran and K-Murdock

This is an exclusive release by Mega Ran that originated on his Patreon and is now available in a limited edition on Yetee Records, pressed on dark grey smoke vinyl. Buy this album and get 50% off Black Materia!


Celeste Soundtrack by Lena Raine (Yetee-exclusive variant from Ship To Shore)



 New Yetee Records Merch!

And last but not least a couple of special surprises:

Katamari Fantasy Flexi Disc overstock:

Limited Quantities and extremely rare! We have overstock from our move/conventions that we are going to sell off on Saturday only. If you missed on the initial sale, now's your chance to grab a copy of the cult classic mashup album R23X.


Black Materia White Disc overstock:

Only a handful of these in existence, and we are selling the few we have left! Saturday, April 21 is your only chance to get your copy of the now-rare limited variant white disc copy of Black Materia!


In addition to all of this, the following records are 30% off on Record Store Day April 21, 2018: