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The Yetee Blog

Synthetic Core 88 and Zones on Yetee Records

Two new Yetee Records releases coming up January 2019:

Synthetic Core 88 repress

A repress of the ever-popular concept album made by EQUIP—an Original Soundtrack for your favourite RPG that never existed! Art and concepts by Drew Wise. A brand new repress on clear 12" vinyl (not a picture disc this time around). 300 copies. Release date: January 16, 2018:

Zones LP

The smash hit genesis-inspired chiptune album by the legendary Saskrotch is getting its very own vinyl pressing on bright royal blue wax! 300 copies. Release date: January 16, 2019:

Both albums will be released on and our Bandcamp page on January 16 at 12pm CST. Stay locked on our Twitter for updates.

Didn't make the holiday shipping cutoff? We got you covered!

Hey! We all get really busy this time of year and sometimes we miss that dreadful shipping cutoff for the holidays. Don't worry, we've got you covered! We made this easy to print, fold your own holiday card.

You can let your loved ones know something rad is coming from The Yetee for the holiday! Just print off the attached PDF, fill in the info, fold on the dotted lines and give it to your friends/family!

Download the card here: DOWNLOAD

Fortuna: The Sector X Sessions


Fortuna: The Sector X Sessions!

With a unique Animated Lenticular Cover by Drew Wise!

Available worldwide:  January 7, 2019 

Featuring unique covers of Star Fox music from:

Smooth McGroove
Slime Girls
Jackson Parodi

Made in collaboration with Materia Collective.

This album will be available for a week-long pre-order   January 1st, 2019.  Customers will be able to buy it in person at  MAGFest (January 3-6, 2019)  at the Yetee Booth w/ exclusive first access + sticker!  Full online release date is January 7, 2019.

Owlboy's Otus Figure is Here!

As a lover of toys, I've always wanted to make a figure. Now, with the help of some really talented people, The Yetee's first figure is here! Teaming up with the talented D-Pad studios we were able to bring one of the most unique characters into the third dimension. It's Owlboy!

Otus spins me right round

Sculpted by the amazing team at Smashified, we were able to take the model and with a few modifications, bring Otus to life. I was blown away when I opened the box. I never expected the figure to come out so great. I'm a fan of the Amiibo and similar figures on the market, but this is on another level.

If you are coming out to Designer Con the weekend of 11/16/18, we will be showing off Otus at the Toy Pizza booth. It is going to be crowded with the Action Figure of the Month Kickstarter and new figures dropping, but stop by and say hello! We'd love to see you there an be able to show off this incredible figure to you in person!

We are opening up pre-orders for Otus TODAY (11/16/18) and expect to have the figures shipped to customers Q1 of 2019. 

You can pre-order Otus right now over at

Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator Merch is here!

Hey there Human! We've got two new collections over in the Yeteemart that we're [EXCITED] to tell you about! Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator both have collections available now! 

We all understand the trials and tribulations of working a JOB, but who says that JOB has to be unfun? Spruce up your workplace with stickers, wear wacky JOB related tees on casual Friday, and decorate your cubicle with pins! 

And once you're done with JOB, why, the next logical step is to go on VACATION! Put on your Hawaiian shirt, pack your vibrant tees and grab yourself a coconut shaped drink! The boss has approved your time off, so you'd better hurry before he changes his mind!

Introducing the TRASH.BIN Collection

We're so excited to announce an awesome new clothing line called TRASH.BIN. ♥

TRASH.BIN is a clothing & accessories brand inspired by retro computers, video games, and trash.

Art Director and creator of TRASH.BIN, Drew Wise says:

As someone who has family & loved ones that struggle with mental health battles, including myself, I wanted to create a brand that would not only help people laugh & feel good about themselves, but also support important charities that genuinely aid people who need it.  Thank you so much for checking out the collection, it really means the world to me. Looking forward to hearing what ya think & any stories you'd like to share.

Drew Wise

TRASH.BIN #001 - #003 launches today, alongside a 24 hour timed-edition daily tee of the DIGITAL TRASH.BIN design, which also glows in the dark.

10% of proceeds go to support the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance!

Final Round Clearance Sale!

We're making some room in the warehouse...
Which means we have to say goodbye to some of our designs. So we're hosting our semi-regular yet unscheduled FINAL ROUND clearance sale. The name says it all— all the items available are the final time we will offer it. Sizes are limited to what we have in stock. Once it's gone... it's gone!

So what about the deals?

• All Apparel is priced at $13.37 (this includes longsleeves and hoodies)
• All Pins are priced at $6.90 (or two for 13.37)
• All Posters are priced at $13.37 (or try your hand at a mystery tube)
• Mystery Pin 4 Pack & Mystery Poster Tube

    But wait... there's one last thing...

    KOROKOROCO is rolling out their debut collection!

    KOROKOROCO is a new collection we're offering at The Yetee. It is dedicated to creating uncommon and bespoke clothing and accessories for discerning individuals who are passionate about interactive media. In short, it is a video game culture inspired line of eclectic art and design.

    We're excited to share with you this exclusive full preview to the KOROKOROCO launch lineup. All shirts are priced at $22 and include a bonus item. These items are going to be available for a pre-order on October 10th, 2018.

    All items will be available at


    KOROKOROCO #001 - #005
    The initial offerings from KOROKOROCO are the following:
    #001 - calamity MOTHER? (includes #003)
    #002 - MOTHER? (includes #003)
    #003 - Plate Sticker
    #004 - Lonely Rolling Club (includes Membership Card)
    #005 - Lonely Rolling Mug


    Snatcher is back!

    We've teamed up with Ship to Shore for another Snatcher offering— We have an an exclusive smokey cyberpunk vinyl! Get this one while we have them, last time they sold our super quick!

    Get the official Snatcher OST here!

    Spoopyfest has begun 🧟‍♀️🎃🧟‍♂️!

    The bell tolls...
    Spoopyfest has started once again...

    We have 21 amazing new designs from some our most talented artist friends! Check them all out here. All the designs are $12 on tees and $30 on sweatshirts and are available until October 7th! Shipping out for Halloween!

    Someone told us that the site is haunted, don't click any ghosts floating around— you might get spooped!

    Speaking of spoopy! We've got a radical costume design contest coming on Monday! You can use our in-browser app to design a costume for yetee and tweet it at us with the hashtag #spoopmeyetee and we will pick the best ones and send candy and prizes to the winners!


    We've got a week of excellent deals coming... Coupon codes Tuesday (30% off Pins), Wednesday (25% off Vinyl) and Thursday (25% off Posters/Prints)!

    tuesday 30% off

    But that's not all! Stay tuned for more spoops and spooks this week! 



    SPOOPYFEST is coming up next week (September 29th) and we have a lot of amazing designs we're excited to share with you. This is only a sample of things we're working on— BUT ONE THING FOR SURE... It will be SPOOPY

    VIDEO-20XX Playstation Classic Giveaway!

    We've teamed up with with VIDEO-20XX for a special giveaway! We're giving away the newly announced Playstation Classic alongside some really cool retro-inspired merch from VIDEO-20XX's collection! Click here to enter the giveaway!

    Fridge Senpai is Back!

    That's right— You know you can't resist it. We've brought back ProZD's Fridge Senpai Body Pillow. From the smash hit imaginary but also real anime series; Chairem Anime, Fridge Senpai holds all your (culinary) desires.
    Designed by the amazing Miski, this pillow is two sides of sensually chilled food. Fridge Senpai Body Pillow is $35 + shipping and exclusively available in ProZD's shop on The Yetee. BUT... like all good things is only available for a limited time! Get yours before they're gone!

    Introducing: Yetee Upcycling

    So when life gives you lemons we all know what to do. But what about shirts? We sell them cheap, we donate them for fundraisers, we give them away. But what if we can transform them into something new?

    This was the idea behind Yetee Upcycling. We started this division of the Yetee with one person: Pam. She took home a few boxes of shirts to make some blankets. They turned out rad, but then she showed me these pillows that she made. They were fantastic. Turning our shirts into these throw pillows with fantastic designs.

    So today we are officially launching Yetee Upcycling. The idea is to start with Pam, if this grows, then Pam will train the next worker. We hope to hire local talented people that want to put their skills to work. If a pillow or blanket doesn't sell, then it will be donated to a local shelter or organization in need. We want to turn our excess into a positive force in the community.  


    Check it out Yetee Upcycling

    Yetee Records Releases July 2018

    Tuesday July 17 @ 1pm CST:

    Zones by Saskrotch


    Zones is a Genesis-infused chiptune album that has a really high-energy, head-bobble grit to that makes this a sweet, limited edition tape to get!


    Wednesday July 18 at 1pm CST:

    Monolith Soundtrack 
    by ArcOfDream

    Monolith is a top down action shooter with procedurally generated elements. Explore a large, abandoned facility in search of incredible power, fighting dangerous foes and gaining new weapons and upgrades as you progress. High-energy authentic chiptune music will keep you bumping this record for hours even if you haven't played the game!


    Thursday July 19 @ 1pm CST:

    SOS: Somnius Original Soundtrack 

    Award-winning Original Soundtrack (Leo Award for Best Musical Score in Animation 2018) composed by Marc Junker and David Parfit. This is a sci-fi short film directed and animated by Denver Jackson at Cloudrise Pictures. It is currently being developed into a TV series.

    The album drops at 1pm CST, Thursday July 19!



    The Yetee Warehouse Sale & Live Concert!

    Hello there!

    On June 23rd, (2018 only, sorry time travelers) The Yetee is opening its doors to the public for a special Warehouse sale! 

    That's right! You, your friends, your family, your college professor, all of you are welcome to come down to The Yetee and have some fun! There will be arcade games, food, live music, AND we're going to have super limited merchandise available with prices so low, they're INSANE! 

    Curious about the sale? Well, we've got a little video to help explain it! 


    And if sales weren't cool enough, we're going to have a LIVE CONCERT featuring R23X, Equip, and Saskrotch! The concert is free for all ages, so don't worry about bringing the younglings, or even grandma! 

    And if live concerts are your thing, we've even got a special limited gig poster that will only be available at the event!

    The event will only be happening on June 23rd at Yetee HQ: 1665 Mallette in Aurora, IL!

    If you're in the area, come on down from 10am to 4pm! It's gonna be an excellent time! 

    New ProZD Shirt: It's My Ass-Kicking Outfit

    It happens in every RPG. You want to look cool, but that frilly hat just has better stats than the badass helmet. But do you let that stop you? No way! You'll right up the the villain dressed like an absolute clown and still wreck shop. 


    ProZD understands, and along with Studio Iliustrata, has brought you a new Ass-Kicking Outfit to wear! 


    Hardcore Peanut Butter Gamer Merch!

    It's that time of year again! Time for another season of Hardcore with Peanut Butter Gamer and friends! And to celebrate this special time, we've got a brand new Hardcore shirt in stock! And yes, these shirts do make you more hardcore, that is not debatable. 

    And why stop there? While we were at it, we went ahead and added two tees themed around PB&Jeff! We've got Press Jump and WANTED


    Tank Tops are here!

    The sun is starting to hang higher in the sky, and the air is getting warmer every day! It's time to hang up the zip ups and put away those hoodies, and let those shoulder noodles see some daylight! That's right! Tank tops are back, baby! 

    From May to some time in autumn, (really it depends how quickly it starts getting chilly again), we'll be offering tank tops every day! You'll be able to grab our daily designs on regular tees or, if you're so inclined, those sweet, arm freeing tanks for just $13!

    And coming soon... Our annual event... Excellent designs. Ladies style tank tops (for a limited time)... The ultimate celebration of sleeveless summer-ware...

    Sweatyfest is coming. Stay tuned for the tank top event of the summer! 

    Yetee Illustrator Tiffany Ambrose launches POP PUP!

    Poke around the Yetee website a little and you’ll see her rosy-cheeked version of the Yetee popping up in illustrations and animations. Tiffany Ambrose partnered with The Yetee several years ago when she created some art for the former Yetee HQ grand opening.

    “A friend of mine had introduced me to the artist page on Facebook, we did a few collaborations together, and then I started submitting my own designs. After that, Glen asked me to do some artwork of their Yetee mascot, and the rest is history,” says Tiffany. “Now I make memes, GIFs, tees, miscellaneous Yetee arts and I’m soon launching my own line called POP PUP with them.”

    POP PUP is a collection of bright and cheerful (not to mention cute) puppy gear. The collection includes a hat, tees, a pin, a patch, and stickers. “I love dogs!” says Tiffany. “I've been drawing them since I was little and there's no way I will ever get tired of it. I tend to favor happy colors and happy things, so that's what these guys are all about.”

    Tiffany has designed a number of awesome (non-puppy related) tees for The Yetee, including for Games Done Quick. She is particularly proud of the two she made for last year’s AGDQ and SGDQ. “One was for Yume Penguin Monogatari and the other was for Okami. I've seen my Okami tee being worn more often than any other that I've made. I get way too excited every time.”

    Tiffany’s day job is in real estate marketing, and she says she enjoys doing art on her own time, for fun. “I feel like it gives me a lot more freedom and honestly I like the security of having a day job,” says Tiffany. “Not to say I wouldn't like to try illustration full time in the future, but right now this works out quite well.”

    When she isn’t working or creating art, Tiffany is a gamer. “I don't play a lot of the big AAA titles, but I love indie games, rhythm games, and JRPGs, especially niche stuff. I've been playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 since it came out and am looking forward to putting even more hours into it. Nothing like taking your time exploring and doing side quests for the nice townspeople. These days I mostly play vicariously through Let's Players (thank goodness that's a thing).”


    POP PUP is available here

    Check out Tiffany Ambrose’s website:


    Twitter: @PeculiarTiffany