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Shirt Price Increase

Posted July 19, 2017
Shirt Price Increase

We know, this is a scary title to a post, but we promise it isn’t that scary! For the last 6 years, we’ve been selling our daily shirts at $11, and it’s gone great! We’ve grown and changed a lot over that time as a company and a community. We want to make sure that change continues to happen without sacrificing the things about the Yetee you know and love.  

Starting today, our daily shirts will be priced at $12 plus shipping. See? I told you it wasn’t scary. We’ve only increased by 1 dollar!

We’ve had to increase our prices for one simple reason: The Shirts.

Our prices haven’t changed, but our costs have. We want to make sure we continue to offer the same hi-quality screen printing that you are used to, without sacrificing quality.

In a growing marketplace where on demand printing is widely available, it is important to us to continue offering affordable limited edition silkscreened t-shirts. We also wanted to be as upfront as possible about our reasoning; we want to keep giving you what you deserve! Quality tees and pizza. But we can really only do the quality tees part.


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