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Lena Raine opens up about Chrono Trigger

Posted March 30, 2020
Lena Raine opens up about Chrono Trigger

We all know the incredible effects that Chrono Trigger has had on the gaming community at large, but what exactly does it mean to the current generation of composers who craft the music that elevates our gaming experiences today? Recently, we sat down with the award-winning composer of Celeste, Lena Raine, to find the answer to that very question and much much more. Here is what Lena had to say about Chrono Trigger, its impact, the music, and her contribution to Guardia: The X-Strike Sessions - Corridors of Time (Live Mix):



“Chrono Trigger was my very first RPG, and it single-handedly changed my perceptions of what games could do as a medium. I got pulled into the world and stories, and it just made me want to play more and more games like it, and create things like it. It introduced me to Yasunori Mitsuda's work & established a life-long appreciation for his sense of composition, arrangement, and storytelling, and those, in turn, went on to heavily influence everything I've made since.

Back when I was in high school and self-teaching myself composition based on a transcription of video game music, the very first attempt I made at not just transcribing, but arranging something, was Battle with Magus from Chrono Trigger. I took the general aesthetic, and turned it into something way more laid-back & funky, titling it Magus in Vegas. It was extremely silly, but I had a lot of fun with it!

“I've also used subtle homages to Chrono Trigger in several pieces of mine, including Celeste. The choir used in the track Quiet and Falling is actually sampled from the same choir used in Chrono Trigger, since no matter how fancy you get with samples, nothing beats that nostalgic sound for me.

One final little fun fact: Just recently, knowing my love of the game, my girlfriend of 4 years proposed to me using a Super Famicom copy of Chrono Trigger as a secret box for the ring. I was already moved to tears by how sweet a gift it was, and then there was a ring and a proposal too?? Obviously I said yes.

I really hope this arrangement of one of my favorite pieces, Corridors of Time, resonates with you like my love for this game and its music. I'm super pleased to continue teaming up with Michaela Nachtigall on Violin and Viola, and Kristin Naigus, this time on Irish Whistle, to bring this chamber arrangement to life. It's the culmination of so many years of my life, and I couldn't be happier to release it to the world." 

If you’d like to check out this song— along with other incredible tracks from EQUIP, R23X, Smooth McGroove, bryface, Joel Corelitz, and Slime Girls— our limited edition release in collaboration with Materia Collective is still available in limited quantities over at Yetee Records.

Check out Lena Raine’s website:

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