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About Us

The Yetee's goal in life is to provide awesome tees for your torso. He also loves beef jerky. is a website owned and operated by two artists— Mike and Glen. Both equal in amazing beards and their passion for awesome hi-quality screen printed t-shirts for low low prices.

At The Yetee you will find a new amazing shirt every 24 hours, by amazing artists from around the world for only $15 USD.  

Along with Mike and Glen are our Yetee Family:  Each individually amazing and talented in their own way, our Yetee Fam works hard to make sure everything we make and ship is something we can be proud to send to you!

We like working with Artists.

Do you illustrate or design? We want to work with you!

Visit our Submission page for more info!

We like to Help.

With the support of our amazing customers we've been fortunate enough to have donated over $2 million dollars of our profits to amazing organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Prevent Cancer Foundation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, The Trevor Project, Direct Relief and Help Hope Life.

We've accomplished this by partnering and sponsoring with amazing live streamed events like Zeldathon, Games Done Quick, RPG Limit Break and more.

We like Video Games.

We've been making t-shirts for over 10 years now and it is very clear that we love video games. We've been fortunate to create incredible merch that explores the shared space between developers and the fans who enjoy their games.

Do you make games? Want to chat about merch? Hit us up at merch @

We can Kickstart.

Are you crowdfunding your game? We specialize in that too! We're happy to share our secrets to successful rewards. Once again, reach out to us at merch @

We like Music.

We're passionate about physical media. While we publish a lot of Video Game soundtracks— we also collaborate with VGM adjacent musicians to publish vinyl records, cassette tapes, flexi-discs and more. Go check out our catalogue at

Do you have a cool music project you want us to check out? Hit us up at merch @

Wanna Learn Even More?

Take a deep dive into the history and culture of The Yetee with the PBS-sponsored documentary "The Yetee: Ten Years of Tees, Art & Music" by Flyover Culture hosted by Payton Knobeloch

From garage to global permeation— Get a behind-the-scenes look at how two Twitter pals turned their passion project into a full-fledged merch slinging operation that keeps fans coming back time and time again to see what our cryptid pal comes up with next.

That's all for now.

Have questions? Need to contact us? Check out our Contact and FAQ pages