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Created by DREW WISE and R23X, EarthCade is a brand based on a self-sufficient arcade dedicated to Clean Energy, Inclusiveness, & Earth's Conservation. As a follow up to the initial merch offerings, Drew and R23X have come back with some new music, a plush and a wonderful tee from our good friend and Yetee Fam, MISKI.

Music by R23X. Limited edition of 250 made. Pressed on 7" bright blue, thin, flexible "Flexi Disc" material. Includes free 2" Chibi R23X Sticker. $1 From every record sold is donated to VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue association)

This is pre-sale and orders are expected to ship in April 2019.



Designed by Drew Wise, CHOMP is one of the main characters from EarthCade. Join him and his friends as they spend their time playing games and making friends. 5.25" inches tall.

$1 From every plush sold will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup


Designed by Miski and screen printed with care at Yetee HQ on super soft Navy Blue ringspun cotton tees. $1 From every tee sold is donated to VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue association)

This is pre-sale and orders are expected to ship in April 2019.


You can listen to R23X's TERRA_II on his bandcamp now! Head here to give it a listen! 

R23X is performing this weekend in Vancouver! You can catch them at the Hitori Tori Tape Release with R23X / / Diva Plavalaguna. Full info available on Facebook here.

Smooth McGroove: VGM Acapella Volume 1

Announcing Smooth McGroove - VGM Acapella Volume 1
New Yetee Records exclusive vinyl release!

Available worldwide:  January 23, 2019 
smooth mcgroove vgm acapella volume 1
This is the first ever vinyl release for Smooth McGroove and we are honoured to be working with him on VGM Acapella Volume 1. This LP contains freshly re-mastered versions of his classic tracks for your listening pleasure! 
Artwork by Drew Wise.

You can hear the album here.

Up for pre-order
at 12pm CST

The album will be released at and on our Bandcamp page on January 23 at 12pm CST. Stay locked on our Twitter for updates. This is a pre-order and expected to begin shipping Q2 2019.

Fortuna: The Sector X Sessions


Fortuna: The Sector X Sessions!

With a unique Animated Lenticular Cover by Drew Wise!

Available worldwide:  January 7, 2019 

Featuring unique covers of Star Fox music from:

Smooth McGroove
Slime Girls
Jackson Parodi

Made in collaboration with Materia Collective.

This album will be available for a week-long pre-order   January 1st, 2019.  Customers will be able to buy it in person at  MAGFest (January 3-6, 2019)  at the Yetee Booth w/ exclusive first access + sticker!  Full online release date is January 7, 2019.

Snatcher is back!

We've teamed up with Ship to Shore for another Snatcher offering— We have an an exclusive smokey cyberpunk vinyl! Get this one while we have them, last time they sold our super quick!

Get the official Snatcher OST here!

Yetee Records Releases July 2018

Tuesday July 17 @ 1pm CST:

Zones by Saskrotch

Zones is a Genesis-infused chiptune album that has a really high-energy, head-bobble grit to that makes this a sweet, limited edition tape to get!


Wednesday July 18 at 1pm CST:

Monolith Soundtrack 
by ArcOfDream

Monolith is a top down action shooter with procedurally generated elements. Explore a large, abandoned facility in search of incredible power, fighting dangerous foes and gaining new weapons and upgrades as you progress. High-energy authentic chiptune music will keep you bumping this record for hours even if you haven't played the game!


Thursday July 19 @ 1pm CST:

SOS: Somnius Original Soundtrack 

Award-winning Original Soundtrack (Leo Award for Best Musical Score in Animation 2018) composed by Marc Junker and David Parfit. This is a sci-fi short film directed and animated by Denver Jackson at Cloudrise Pictures. It is currently being developed into a TV series.

The album drops at 1pm CST, Thursday July 19!



The Yetee Warehouse Sale & Live Concert!

Hello there!

On June 23rd, (2018 only, sorry time travelers) The Yetee is opening its doors to the public for a special Warehouse sale! 

That's right! You, your friends, your family, your college professor, all of you are welcome to come down to The Yetee and have some fun! There will be arcade games, food, live music, AND we're going to have super limited merchandise available with prices so low, they're INSANE! 

Curious about the sale? Well, we've got a little video to help explain it! 


And if sales weren't cool enough, we're going to have a LIVE CONCERT featuring R23X, Equip, and Saskrotch! The concert is free for all ages, so don't worry about bringing the younglings, or even grandma! 

And if live concerts are your thing, we've even got a special limited gig poster that will only be available at the event!

The event will only be happening on June 23rd at Yetee HQ: 1665 Mallette in Aurora, IL!

If you're in the area, come on down from 10am to 4pm! It's gonna be an excellent time! 

Record Store Day 2018 Announcements

Record Store Day is Saturday, April 21, 2018 and we have some titles being released that we are very excited about, and also some good deals on existing records— available RSD only! We also have a few special surprises.


Indie City Soundtrack by Ian Dorsch

 Celebrating the indie gaming scene in Chicago!


Symphonies of the Knight by Mega Ran and K-Murdock

This is an exclusive release by Mega Ran that originated on his Patreon and is now available in a limited edition on Yetee Records, pressed on dark grey smoke vinyl. Buy this album and get 50% off Black Materia!


Celeste Soundtrack by Lena Raine (Yetee-exclusive variant from Ship To Shore)



 New Yetee Records Merch!

And last but not least a couple of special surprises:

Katamari Fantasy Flexi Disc overstock:

Limited Quantities and extremely rare! We have overstock from our move/conventions that we are going to sell off on Saturday only. If you missed on the initial sale, now's your chance to grab a copy of the cult classic mashup album R23X.


Black Materia White Disc overstock:

Only a handful of these in existence, and we are selling the few we have left! Saturday, April 21 is your only chance to get your copy of the now-rare limited variant white disc copy of Black Materia!


In addition to all of this, the following records are 30% off on Record Store Day April 21, 2018:


Synthetic Core 88 by EQUIP

Synthetic Core 88 is a Full-Length album, pressed on 12" LP Picture Disc. Available March 7 at 1pm CST. It's a collaboration between Drew Wise and EQUIP. A JRPG Soundtrack for a game that doesn't exist!

Scroll down to check out a sneak preview track.


The unique picture disc design makes it look like that rare PS1 gem you have been searching for on Ebay for all these years.

 Flora must reach the Azure Grotto before the Dark Beacon is lit. Only one way down- via the once elegant, now antique steam powered submarine.

 Available on Yetee Records March 7, 2018.