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Parting the Clouds

Posted April 06, 2023
Parting the Clouds

R23X’s new album Mist Continent is set for imminent worldwide release on May 5th, 2023 and to set the stage for its debut we have put together the quintessential primer for you to scope out some of the singles released ahead of the album drop. Mist Continent will be the seventh studio album from the Vancouver-based vaporwave artist and features guest artists including Equip and Dan Mason. 

Mist Continent is the seminal solo return of beat tape, and VGM-inspired artist R23X since their 2018 release “Lost in Time”. Coming off the back of the Nameless Dreamers project with Equip, R23X aims to explore new ground with a fresh foray into the avant-garde and electronic soundscapes they are known for. Featuring methodical compositions, stunning synthetic musings, and hypnotic percussion— Mist Continent sets to transport you smack dab into the middle of R23X’s beat-conjuring world.

With the album releasing in just under a month we thought now would be the perfect time to reveal the album’s artwork to all of you! Designed by Dave Shen, and spanning both the front and back covers, Mist Continent will feature Dave’s signature abstract and highly futuristic digital illustrations featuring dream-like blends of shapes and colors that will pull you even further into this analog dreamscape!

But that’s not all, as a special surprise, we are excited to announce that we will be releasing Mist Continent (YTR-00086) in partnership with our friends over at Geometric Lullaby. So definitely keep an eye out as the release date draws nearer because we’ve got even more surprises in store!