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An Ancient Realm Awaits

Posted May 05, 2023
An Ancient Realm Awaits

Enter the veil of the forgotten lands with “Mist Continent” by R23X. Pressed on Gaia Reactor Orange vinyl by Yetee Records & Geometric Lullaby, the seventh studio album from the Vancouver-based Vaporwave artist, R23X aims to explore new ground with a fresh foray into the avant-garde and electronic soundscapes they are known for. Featuring methodical compositions, stunning synthetic musings, and hypnotic percussion— Mist Continent sets to transport you smack dab into the middle of R23X’s beat-conjuring world.

A curtain of ethereal mist peels back leaving your once-shrouded consciousness bare to the ancient reality conjured before you. A swirling and abyssal maw of hued vapor hangs above as you float through this newfound existence. An usher of beats from the nimbus shapes unfurls the opaque shroud to reveal a floating continent before you. A jetstream of synthetic chimes flows from its peaks and valleys into the endless skies below. Something beyond your comprehension beckons you forth with a low and rumbling murmur as the hulking island comes to life before your very eyes. Welcome home hero… Your journey’s just begun!

Coming off the back of the Nameless Dreamers, this seminal solo return from R23X contains guest performances from Vaporwave veterans Equip and Dan Mason fusing this new age of R23X with sonic sounds you know and love! Housed inside a stunning jacket featuring artwork by industry renown designer Dave Shen, the vinyl package for Mist Continent comes adorned with a beautiful frosted OBI strip and neon hype sticker designed by Marc Junker with the new “R23X” logo from Chicago-based artist and musician PJ Rork. Mastered for peak analog and digital format playback by Angel Hair Audio, Mist Continent is one of the biggest Vaporwave releases of 2023 you don’t want to miss!

Mist Continent is available for pre-order now via Yetee Records as well as on Bandcamp through Geometric Lullaby on their own exclusive variant with a shipping estimate of July 2023. Each album also comes with an immediate digital download of the entire album for you to enjoy— So punch your ticket and take the plunge into the heart of the Mist Continent. The journey begins now!

Pre-Order Mist Continent on Vinyl Here