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Take to the Skies

June 21, 2023Take to the skies with two brand-new tees available now in our official Astro Boy collection! Featuring artwork from ...
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Blasting Off!

January 31, 2022Fuel up those rocket boots and blast off into action with two brand new official Astro Boy stickers designed by Byron...
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Blasting Off Again!

February 03, 2021NEW! We've got two brand new 18" x 24" limited edition screen-printed posters designed by Ryan Jampole over in our As...
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Astro Boy’s Soarin' On By!

September 18, 2020Tune in those high beam eyes and scope out Wave 4 of our official Astro Boy merch in partnership with ©Tezuka Product...
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Wave 2 of Astro Boy is Here!

June 17, 2020Get ready to blast off with the second wave of our Astro Boy Collection by ©Tezuka Productions! This brand new wave o...
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Astro Boy has arrived at The Yetee!

April 29, 2020Hey all, Yetee Here! The first wave of our Astro Boy collection in partnership with Tezuka Productions is available f...
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E N H A N C I N G . . .

April 26, 2020The Yetee is fueling up his rocket boots in anticipation of a brand new collection hitting the Yeteemart next week! G...
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