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Fuel Up Those Rocket Boots!

Posted November 20, 2023
Fuel Up Those Rocket Boots!

Fuel up those rocket boots and blast off into the skies with our brand new lineup of official Astro Boy merch in partnership with Tezuka Productions . We've got three manga infused tee designs including front and back/sleeve prints as well as a stunning giclée poster designed by our friend and animator Denver Jackson. Soar on over to the YeteeMart and snag these augmented items and become one with the Atom today!

Runaway Astro Boy

Wear those emotions on your sleeves with this longsleeve tee featuring iconic scenes from the manga. Time to go far far away!


Stare off into the great unknown with this classic white tee adorned with a scene from the manga. You never know where the story will take you next!


Turn in for the night with this navy tee featuring front a back printing from the manga. A good night's rest never hurt anyone!

In the Eye of an Atom

Adorn your walls with this original art print designed by Denver Jackson. Become the Atom.