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Wave 2 of Astro Boy is Here!

Posted June 17, 2020
Wave 2 of Astro Boy is Here!

Get ready to blast off with the second wave of our Astro Boy Collection by ©Tezuka Productions! This brand new wave of mechanically enhanced attire is ready to augment your wardrobe in a major way! Are you ready?

City Boy

Go up, up, and away with this brand new long sleeve tee designed by Drew Wise. Keep your eyes on the sky and you just might catch a glimpse of the Mighty Atom yourself!

Peace Boy

Peace, love, and understanding are the virtues all mechanical beings should live by. Spread the good vibes and be your best with this gorgeous white tee designed by Blake Jones. All it takes is a bit of heart!

Astro Boy Flip Pin

Reveal the machine hidden underneath with this dynamic folding 1.25" x 1.25" enamel pin designed by Drew Wise. Sometimes there’s more than meets the eye... so much more.

Soar on over to our Astro Boy Collection in the YeteeMart to check out these brand new items as well as our first wave in the collection. The Mighty Atom awaits!