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Vinyl Quest

Posted February 10, 2022
Vinyl Quest

This week marked the second episode of Glen’s DnD inspired design adventure Graphic Quest over on our official Twitch channel. If you didn’t catch the first episode, we highly recommend you swing by our previous blog post for Graphic Quest to get the low down on all the details surrounding this rad new show and the unique twist behind this XP gaining design-fest!

For this week’s episode, Glen dropped the enchanted tone-arm of groove reading and tasked the quest-takers with designing their very own vinyl record! Gifted with a Mock-up file conjured up by fellow adventurer and Art Director/Yetee Records head Marc Junker, the fellowship of Brushbarians, Pixel Mages, Stylomancers, Vector Knights, and Right Click Ninjas began their ninety-minute foray into the maws of their locked-groove adventure!

While attempts were made to impede Glen’s designs at every step... the group of hearty adventurers was able to defeat their devious foes, and make it out on the other side with a hefty prize of sweet sweet XP and wicked vinyl records! Here’s a look at some of the incredible vinyl records that the community created for this episode:

As big music fans ourselves, it was so cool to see all of the unique designs and executions that went into the creation of each and every album! Thanks so much to everyone for showing up to this week’s Design Quest! Each and every episode there seems to be more and more of you involved in creating some awesome artwork and nothing could make us happier! Cheers to the next one, we’ll see you all in the Tavern.

If you’d like to join in on the next Graphic Quest swing by our Twitch channel on Wednesday, February 23rd at 8pm PST for information on how to enter! The Quest awaits...