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Ponder the Orb

Posted January 27, 2022
Ponder the Orb

Last night was the debut episode of a brand new design-focused show over on our official Twitch channel titled Design Quest! Conjured up by Yetee co-founder Glen O’Neill, Design Quest is an interactive and dynamic community design rally set in a fantasy Yetee World where the bounds of imagination are put to the test. Comprised of a fellowship of passionate Yetee community members and artists with diverse backgrounds, Design Quests puts fellow adventurers in the roles of Brushbarians, Vector Knights, Stylomancers, Right Click Ninjas, and Pixel Mages, in order to complete unique artistic quests each and every stream!

This week’s Design Quest prompt was to create a postcard for a place you have never been. Whether that place was real or fictional was totally up to the creator— the only limitation would be time! Once the task was revealed, each adventurer only had ninety minutes to complete their design and submit it for review in order to be rewarded with glorious XP in order to level up!

During the ninety-minute foray into Photoshop, rasterization, layer swapping, opacity layering, and good ol’ fashion Google-fu, chat was able to mess with OR help Glen via various channel point redemption encounters! These permutations to the designs at hand included battles via High and Low-Level monster encounters, gifts such as chests including extra dice for defeating monsters, and the oh so dreaded ooze looking to devour up anything and everything that was currently being created!

While each encounter was harrowing (not really), Glen kept rollin’ nat 20s… no joke. The various party members partaking in Episode 1’s Quest were rewarded handsomely via encounter XP, and the good old democratic process of POGs in chat that turned into extra points for the community's favorite designs!

Here’s a little look at some of the complete postcards from our courageous quest takers and staff:

Thanks so much to all our fellow quest takers for your incredible designs and for making the debut episode of Graphic Quest such a fun one! It was really great to hang out and see in real-time all these awesome creations come to fruition. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with next!

If you’d like to join in on the next Graphic Quest swing by our Twitch channel on Wednesday, February 9th at 8pm PST for information on how to enter! The tavern’s open 24/7 so come hang out and swap some stories. Your fellow adventurers await!