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A Hat in Time Vinyl Soundtrack

Posted January 22, 2020
A Hat in Time Vinyl Soundtrack

A Hat in Time OST now available on Yetee Records:

We are very proud to present the soundtrack for A Hat in Time on 12" vinyl. The beautiful score by Pascal Michael Stiefel for the hit game by Gears for Breakfast.
Album art and packaging designed by Jenna Brown. Features a wide angle gatefold jacket with single pocket.

Vinyl LP tracklist:

A1 - Main Theme
A2 - New Adventure
A3 - Welcome to Mafia Town
A4 - Train Rush
A5 - The Battle of Award 42
A6 - Your Contract Has Expired
A7 - Lava Cake Peak
B8 - The Windmill Peak
B9 - Judge, Jury, and Executioner
B10 - Battle of the Birds (Time Rift)
B11 - Clocktowers Beneath the Sea
B12 - Bon Voyage!
B13 - Death Wish



Includes digital download at time of purchase. This is a limited edition of 500 on translucent galaxy purple. Pre-order expected to ship Q2 2020. Finished product may differ slightly from pre-order image. YTR-00058