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death's dynamic shroud - Live From Japan

by 100 Percent Electronica
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Live From Japan is a recording of the live material death's dynamic shroud performed on the NEO GAIA PHANTASY tour of Japan in 2018. Yetee Records Exclusive Variant.

1. TWICE! 
2. NEONアーキテクチャ (パート2)
3. CD Player pt II 
4. Nothing Like This World
5. 家へ帰ろう 
6. Butterflies 
7. I Don’t Kiss You Like I Used To/オリンピックの夢 
8. He Said Be Said
9. 午後 
10. Rare Emoji Collection 
11. Loving Is Easy 
12. Ice Cream For Breakfast 
13. Please Secretly Dye Me 
15. BAE 
16. 南サンドリア〔s〕 
17. TTFN K?

Limited edition of 100 on "Gaia's Core" orange and yellow vinyl. Originally released on 100% Electronica. 

Super Meat Boy Forever Original Soundtrack (Pink and Red 2XLP)

by Ridiculon
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Yetee Records is proud to announce the vinyl soundtrack to Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy Forever! Pressed on limited edition Meat Boy Red and Bandage Girl Pink— this 2xLP release features the entire 26 track album by Ridiculon on high quality 140g vinyl mastered by Marc Junker aka R23X and comes housed inside a double-wide sleeve featuring artwork by Jango Snow!

Super Meat Boy Forever Website | Ridiculon Bandcamp

Super Meat Boy Forever Social Media: Twitter & Facebook

2nd Pressing. Includes digital download in MP3 format at checkout.

Mighty Fight Federation Original Soundtrack

by Komi Games
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This is a star-studded OST including composers James Landino (PUBG), Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania), and all-star Manami Matsumae (Megaman)! We're proud to present the soundtrack on vinyl for this 3D fighter that harkens back to the Power Stone days.

Mighty Fight Federation is a throwback to classic 3D arena fighters, but with a focus on fighting game fundamentals. Select from a roster of characters each with distinct and deep combo opportunities. Use the game's Hype mechanics to zone, evade, counter and play mind-games with your opponents. Mighty Fight combines the old with the new in a fresh competitive twist on the party-fighter genre.

Cover art by Logan Feliciano. Design and layout by Marc Junker. Mighty Fight Federation was created by Komi Games.

This is a pre-order and is expected to ship by Q4 2021. Pressed on "Hype Factor Orange" wax. 

Pre-order Item!

Synthetic Core 88

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A collaboration between Equip and Drew Wise, Synthetic Core 88 is a JRPG soundtrack for a game that doesn't exist! So grab your party, get ready to save the land from ultimate evil, and chill to the sweet jams of SC88! This is an all-new 2021 repress (due to popular demand) on"Dark Beacon Teal" wax with a fresh new obi strip.


"A girl named Flora awakens from the distant past, only to find her home in ashes and destruction. She must venture out into the familiar unknown for any chance of survival. Along the way, she encounters strange friends and foes, utilizes incredible devices & vehicles, and deciphers the calamity that ultimately lead to the planets demise. What awaits at the end of her dystopian journey?"

The title of the LP and music contained are a tribute to the Roland SoundCanvas- the SC88. Synthetic Core 88 was made entirely on SC88 hardware and it's built in effects.

Physical edition contains bonus track by R23X

Limited Edition 12" on "Dark Beacon Teal" Wax. Includes digital download upon purchase. Obi strip designed by Marc Junker aka R23X.

Crossy Road Castle Soundtrack

by Hipster Whale
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Get ready to climb and hop your way to the tippity top with Crossy Road Castle by Calum Bowen & Max Coburn. Available on Tower Rush Splatter vinyl, the soundtrack to Hipster Whale's chaotic co-op platformer Crossy Road Castle is here to take you on an ascendent journey of spikey traps, disappearing platforms, and more coins than you could ever count!

Includes immediate MP3 digital download of Crossy Road Castle Soundtrack (which contains 4 digital exclusive remixes).


Cover art by Pixel Eye Bat. Packaging designed by Marc Junker. Mastered by Marc Junker (aka R23X).


by R23X
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A distant, desolate future holds the key to a mysterious, forgotten past..........

A bildungsroman for a forgotten soul. An immortal’s tale unknown — reborn only to accept an ancient defeat and to face a hopeless future. Project VELTAHL has failed.

R23X's 2016 full-length experimental LP was repressed on vinyl by vaporwave label Geometric Lullaby in 2020. This is the unique Yetee Records variant, "Event Horizon" colorway.

Includes exclusive 8"x8" art print (signed by R23X) illustrated by Logan Feliciano. Hand-numbered and limited to 175 copies.

Limited edition variant of R23X's Geometric Lullaby pressing on an exclusive 175 copies of " Event Horizon" Yetee Records colorway.

Sold Out!

Anodyne 2 Original Soundtrack LP

by Melos Han-Tani
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The Dust Awakens.

The Anodyne 2: Return to Dust Original Soundtrack pays homage to multiple decades and histories of video game music from the NES to contemporary times, as well as a wide canon of electronic, dance, classical music and more. That is, it builds upon the work of both famous and well-known composers, to composers with small Soundcloud or Bandcamp followings. It also builds upon the sounds and textures we hear every day.



Housed inside a high-quality jacket featuring artwork from the game's very own Marina Ayano Kittaka, this vinyl soundtrack is limited to 300 copies! Mastered by Marc Junker (aka R23X), this single LP features 26 hand-selected tracks and liner notes from composer and game developer Melos Han-Tani!

This is a pre-order expected to ship by Q3 2021. Pressed on Primordial Haze vinyl. Includes digital download upon purchase.

Any in-stock items ordered with this pre-order will ship immediately based on their availability.

Pre-order Item!

Wai Wai World 1 & 2 Sound Collection

by Ship to Shore
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Our exclusive variant of Ship to Shore PhonoCo.’s Wai Wai World 1+2 double LP contains a selection of the best tracks the Konami Kukeiha Club has to offer! Available on super limited Konami orange and red vinyl, the soundtrack to Konami’s whacky 1988 and 1991 platforming adventure mashup that never made it out of Japan is finally here for your turntable’s enjoyment! Featuring some of the most iconic Konami characters of the 8-bit era, this bit trip cacophony of grooves is here to whisk you away into the nostalgic past of well known franchises such as Castlevania, Contra, Gradius, and more!

Featuring new artwork from Mike Luckas and extensive liner notes from games journalist Anthony John Agnello, Konami Wai Wai World 1+2 is an indispensable artifact of 8-bit aural bliss. 

Limited edition of 100 pressed on "Konami orange/red."  Yetee Records Exclusive variant.

Art Sqool Cassette Bundle

by Art Sqool
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U r a froshmin at 🅐 🅡 🅣 🅢 🅠 🅞 🅞 🅛. 
Ur assignments are generated & graded by an A.I. 

Can a video game make you more creative? 
Can a video game make you a better artist? 
Can you graduate from Art Sqool? Idk,,, that's on u!

The Art Sqool "o.s.t." is now available on cassette and includes a stress ball featuring the main character "froshmin."

Music and art by Julian Glander, creator of Art Sqool.

Layout and package design by Marc Junker. Mastered by Marc Junker (R23X). 

Super Ferro Normal-bias music grade tape containing the same audio on both sides. Clear shells with yellow leaders.  Item is NOT shrink-wrapped.

YIIK: A postmodern RPG OST

by AckkStudios
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We've teamed up with AckkStudios to bring you the cult classic YIIK: A Postmodern RPG's OST on vinyl. Featuring music from the game’s very own co-director, Andrew Allanson, this pressing is chock full of industry-famed composers such as Calum Bowen, Garoad, Baiyon, Ken ‘coda’ Snyder, and Hiroki Kikuta!

Cover illustration by Ilustrata. Design and packaging by Marc Junker. Mastered by Marc Junker (aka R23X).

YTR-00057. Pressed on "Mind Dungeon" Neon Pink Splatter vinyl. Includes immediate download of full OST in 320kbps MP3 format.

by ESPRIT 空想
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Yetee Records has partnered with 100% Electronica to present this exclusive color variant!

ESPRIT 空想 is an alias for George Clanton that has been running concurrently with the George Clanton & Mirror Kisses projects since 2012. Broadly speaking ESPRIT is the more vaporwave-leaning side of George Clanton. Over time, the lines have become more blurred between George Clanton and ESPRIT, and now the projects are more separated by the way they can be performed live more than anything else. is the album that started to blur those lines. Released in 2014, one year before 100% Electronica, is significant in being one of the first "vaporwave" albums to be comprised of original compositions.

Limited edition of 100. Yetee Records exclusive variant color. Does not include digital download.

Sold Out!

Slice of Life: Songs From Wholesome Games

by The Yetee
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Slice of Life: Songs from Wholesome Games is a collaboration between Wholesome Games and the community's defining games: Ooblets, A Short Hike, Spirtfarer, Wattam, Kind Words, and many more. In keeping with Wholesome Games' mission of creating a more inclusive game industry for creators and players alike, all proceeds will be donated to Galaxy Fund, a first-of-its-kind grant for women, BIPOC, and LGBT+ founders of game development studios.

This charity vinyl compilation is available on limited edition 180g purple vinyl and comes in a beautiful sleeve with gorgeous artwork by mushbuh. Includes a 12" insert with credits & liner notes. All tracks have been carefully mastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio.

Side A

1. Somewhere in the Woods - A Short Hike
2. Spring Jive - Wattam
3. Farm (Winter)* - Snacko
4. Summer Bar (Day Theme)* - Garden Story
5. Twinkle Town* - Ooblets
6. Luna's Theme* - Potionomics
7. Main Theme* - Onsen Master
8. Turbine Town* - Here Comes Niko
9. Lila's Waltz* - The Spirit and the Mouse
10. Amayadon* - Rainy Season
11. Hoa's Theme (Vinyl Version)* - Hoa

Side B

1. Starting Again* - Assemble with Care
2. Light Garden* - Kind Words
3. Makisu Melody* - Rolling Hills
4. Hello Little Spider* - Webbed
5. Fruit Circus* - Button City
6. Appie Foothills* - Chicory
7. The Villa* - Lonesome Village
8. Chai Tea and Tai Chi* - Pekoe
9. A Cat is a Cat* - Calico
10. Song of Growth (Piano)* - Spiritfarer

Songs with an (*) are presented for the first time on vinyl as part of this collection. A Short Hike and Spiritfarer have both contributed new mixes that are exclusive to this collection.

These copies are overstock with slightly damaged jackets. "98% Health." The vinyl contained within is in excellent condition. We'd like to sell all the copies in our possession to benefit the charity.


Sold Out!

200% Electronica

by ESPRIT 空想
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Yetee Records has partnered with 100% Electronica to present this exclusive color variant!

ESPRIT began in 2012 as the sample-based side-project of electronic pop artist “George Clanton.” ESPRIT’s first two EP’s “Girls Only” and “Summer Night” are still considered essential listening for any newcomers to the vaporwave genre. In 2014, when vaporwave was still defined by its use of found music and manipulated samples, ESPRIT released his ‘’ LP composed entirely of original material. In the 3 years since its release, the vaporwave scene at large has followed this trend.

After ‘,’ the ESPRIT series was put on hold while George Clanton’s eponymous project’s ‘100% Electronica’ LP released in late 2015. In 2017, ESPRIT returned with both the successor to ‘’ and the sister album to ‘100% Electronica’.

‘200% Electronica’ combines fully original compositions in ESPRIT’s classic vaporwave style with chopped & screwed samples pulled from George Clanton’s own songs, inspired by two years of touring with nothing but a Roland SP 404-SX.

Limited edition of 100. Yetee Records exclusive variant color. Does not include digital download.

Sold Out!

Timespinner Soundtrack (12")

by Jeff Ball
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We've teamed up with Lunar Ray Games, Materia Collective, and Chucklefish Games to bring you Jeff Ball's amazing score for the indie hit, Timespinner.

The primary goal of this soundtrack was to recreate the nostalgia of late 1990s era game music by using and emulating the audio and music hardware available from that era. The music itself is varying in genre, from a baroque-inspired harpsichord concerto to progressive rock, with gothic and time-inspired themes used throughout. Jeff drew inspiration from incredible game composers of the 90s including Michiru Yamane, and Yasunori Mitsuda, who left incredible musical marks on games from that era. Jeff also called upon the talents of musicians Kristin Naigus, Cain German, and Christian Pacaud, who lent their amazing talents last minute for a human touch on the soundtrack. All of these factors culminated into a musical journey that can be appreciated on its own, as well as within Timespinner.

Timespinner is a beautifully pixelated 2D Metroidvania about a lone young woman who travels through time to destroy a galactic empire, created by Bodie Lee, with music composed and produced by Jeff Ball.

Artwork/packaging designed by Drew Wise & Kevin Fagaragan.

A1 Intrepidation A2 From Our Hearts A3 Memories of Tears A4 Uncertain Hope A5 Distant Recollections A6 Barren Corridors A7 Recounted History A8 Avian Capitalism A9 Provisional Sanctuary A10 Ancient Forest A11 Pioneer's Horizon A12 Call to War

B13 Masquerade of Hedonists B14 Minuet and Trio B15 Defiance B16 Echoes of the Forgotten B17 Surpassing Authority B18 From the Darkness B19 Call of the Void B20 Fear's Crown B21 Galactic Throne B22 Shears of Atropos B23 Temporal Salvage B24 The Sacrifice of Heroes

YTR-00054. Pressed on blue/umbra temporal orb wax. Includes MP3 320 DIgital Download upon purchase 

Timespinner Original Game Soundtrack:
© 2018 Materia Collective LLC
Ⓟ 2018 Materia Collective LLC under exclusive license from Jeff Ball

Synthetic Core 88 CD

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A collaboration between Drew Wise and EQUIP, Synthetic Core 88 is a JRPG Soundtrack for a game that doesn't exist! So grab your party and get ready to save the land from ultimate evil, and chill to the sweet jams of SC88! 

The title is a tribute to the Roland SoundCanvas- the SC88. Synthetic Core 88 was made entirely on SC88 hardware and it's built in effects.

This is a special glass-mastered CD edition containing two bonus edits of tracks (never-before-heard). Mastered for CD by Marc Junker (aka R23X).



Limited Edition 1/500. Ships within 7 days of purchase. Instant Digital Download included at purchase.


by R23X
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A special bonus edition of R23X's 2017 EP, "RE-GEN" This release from Yetee Records contains brand new content. This is the 3rd and final pressing of this VHS tape! New features on top of the original "RE-GEN" album:

~Unheard bonus tracks
~Live footage of Way Forward I Follow performance
~Alternate Never-Before-Seen variant of Threshold Guardian Music Video
~Much More!


All 3D animation and sequences created by Denver Jackson (Cloudrise Pictures Ltd), with additional footage animated by Drew Wise. Blue VHS Tape originally released on The Basement Labs.

Limited edition of 150 black VHS tapes housed in cardboard sleeves. Ships with download code. NTSC region VHS tape. Will not play on PAL VCRs.

Sold Out!

Severe Mountain Path

by Secret Stage
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The second release from NAMELESS DREAMERS—a collaborative multi-media project by artists R23X and Equip.

Designed by mochipanko. Each Stage includes:

Each Secret Stage is UV printed and laser cut to perfection at Yetee HQ in Aurora, Illinois.

Terra II Flexi

by R23X
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Terra_II is a brand new single by R23X. Venture into a long-forgotten space station arcade to unravel the mystery of what happened there 23 years ago. Ships with free Chibi R23X Sticker.


This is the second instalment in the EarthCade series, a collaborative project created by Drew Wise and Marc Junker. Partial proceeds are donated to charity for everything created under the EarthCade brand.

Cover art and sticker by Drew Wise.

$1 From every record sold is donated to VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue association): 

Pressed on 7" transparent blue, thin, flexible "Flexi Disc" material. Includes free 2" Chibi R23X Sticker.


Pocket Rumble Soundtrack

by Cardboard Robot Games
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Pocket Rumble is a streamlined, beginner-friendly 2D fighting game inspired by SNK's classic fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Created by Cardboard Robot Games and published by our good friends at Chucklefish, this game's music is the perfect collection unique thrashing chip tune jams. Music by co-creator / composer Ash Wednesday.

The album artwork features expressive illustrations by Kevin Fagaragan and a design by Drew Wise that harkens to the classic Neo Geo packaging the game draws it's inspiration from. Pressed on 140G translucent sky blue vinyl, this exclusive Yetee Records 12" vinyl is sure to be a gem in your collection.

Limited edition 1/250 pressed on translucent sky blue wax. 

Gradius III

by Konami Kukeiha Club
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In collaboration with Ship to Shore PhonoCo. we're happy to present our Yetee Records exclusive color variant of the soundtrack to Konami's shoot-em-up GRADIUS 3. 

In a split splatter transparent yellow! Another explosion of color and music!

New artwork created by Ian Wilding ( Collect all three GRADIUS albums to see the full panorama!

Poly Bridge (Original Soundtrack)

by Adrian Talens
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"Imagine going on the most relaxing road trip. From the Indie-hit video game Poly Bridge, let this soundtrack perfectly accompany you on your happy travels"

Yetee Records is proud to present the Soundtrack for Poly Bridge by Adrian Talens on 12" vinyl. Poly Bridge is the critically acclaimed bridge-building simulator that tests your engineering skills with physics-based puzzle solving.

All-new bonus tracks including "Going Places" and a Pongball Remix of "Under Construction." 

Jacket artwork by Drew Wise.

Mastered for vinyl by Marc Junker (aka R23X).


YTR-00047. Includes digital download at time of purchase. This is a limited edition of 300 on translucent seafoam aqua wax.


by Konami Kukeiha Club
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In collaboration with Ship to Shore PhonoCo. we're happy to present our Yetee Records exclusive color variant of the soundtrack to Konami's immortal 1985 shoot-em-up GRADIUS. 

In a split splatter transparent red! Like an explosion of color and music!

Spanning a multitude of sequels, spin-offs and everything in between, GRADIUS remains one of the crown jewels in the Konami library. This soundtrack introduced multiple themes that would become not only repeated throughout the series, but undisputed classics in the realm of shoot-em-up tunes. 

Included on this record is both the 1986 Famicom/NES soundtrack on Side A and the 1989 enhanced MSX port on Side B. This MSX version has never been officially released outside of Japan, and the soundtrack used the Konami SCC+ chip for enchanced audio, so this versions inclusion is a real treat for fans of the series.

Included with the album is a double sided insert, with one side featuring original GRADIUS artwork from the Konami archive and the other side featuring liner notes from Retronauts' Jeremy Parish. 

New artwork created by Ian Wilding ( Collect all three GRADIUS albums to see the full panorama!

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa! (7")

by Konami Kukeiha Club
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Exclusive Yetee Variant!

Ship to Shore PhonoCo continues the acclaimed Konami Kukeiha Club Museum Series with the soundtrack to the 1988 Famicom Disk System release Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (バイオミラクルぼくってウパ). Only released outside of Japan on the Wii Virtual Console in 2008, this upbeat Konami Kukeiha Club soundtrack features the bouncy, upbeat rythms that Konami was well known for in the 8-bit era. From the undeniable catchiness of "A Rattle Samba" to the all-time classing ending theme "The Land of Happiness", the soundtrack to Bio Miracle is sure to surprise and delight VGM fans of all stripes. 

7" vinyl with artwork designed by Drew Wise. Includes a double sided poster with newly commissioned artwork by Austin James and liner notes by Retronauts' Jeremy Parish. Limited Edition 1/250

YM2017 - Catskull Records

by Catskull Records
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"Hot dog fresh off the grill in one hand, a cold bottle of coke in the other. The sun is setting over suburbia and the neighbors are setting up lawn chairs on the curb. It’s been a day full of festivities from bounce castles, slip n’ slides, and way too much cotton candy. Not that you’d know, you’ve been upstairs in your bedroom playing your Sega Genesis all day. After a hot day, it’s cooling off just in time for the main event: the fireworks. Lay a blanket out on your lawn and get comfortable because it’s YM2017!"


Catskull has teamed up with The Yetee to produce a vinyl record which includes the selection of track from a complilation, YM2017, that was originally released exclusively on a cartridge! 

Pressed on clear vinyl, and includes download code upon shipment!

SOS Original Soundtrack (7in)

by Cloudrise Pictures
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SOS is an award-winning short film directed and animated by Denver Jackson. Written by Alain Williams. It is currently being developed into a TV series. 

Music Written by Marc Junker (aka R23X) and David Parfit.

Received Leo Award for Best Musical Score 2018. 


When Aria receives an SOS from her long lost mother, she must travel to the edge of space and unlock the mystery of a ship called Somnius to find her. 


Music Recording and Mix by Shawn Cole at Fadermaster Studios 
Live instruments:  Cello: Finn Manniche, Erhu: LanTung, Zheng and Pipa: Geling Jiang, Violin: Melissa Bandura, Dizi: Charlie Lui

Cover Art by Ian Wilding.

Pressed on a bright orange 7" YTR-00032

The Wishing Jar Soundtrack

by Cloudrise Pictures
— Read more

Score composed by Marc Junker. Watch the film here. 


Ships with a download code that includes the soundtrack + remix + Digital Download of the film + OST.

Pressed on Sky Blue wax. YTR-00031. The Wishing Jar copyright Cloudrise Pictures Ltd (2016)

Arrow Heads

by Arrow Heads
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Arrow Heads is a multi-award winning, couch and online multiplayer arena game. Armed with your trusty bow shoot rockets, avoid laser beams, and lodge arrows into the heads of your closest friends.  Or if you’d like to keep your friendships intact, there’s a fully co-operative survival mode as well!

Soundtrack composed and produced by PJ Tremblay aka Audio 4n6.

12" vinyl pressed on solid sky blue vinyl, shipped with care directly from Yetee HQ in Aurora, Illinois. Ships with download code.

Monolith OST

by Team D-13
— Read more

12" Pressed on a deep dark space magenta. Ships with download code.


Death Squared OST

by DeathSquared
— Read more

Death Squared OST by Brad Gentle. 

Death Squared is a cooperative puzzle game for 1, 2 or 4 players, best enjoyed with loved ones who don't mind a little arguing for the greater good. 


YTR-00025. 12" Pressed on bright Red Red wax with a specially printed inner sleeve. Ships with download code.

Wandersong (7")

by A Shell in the Pit
— Read more

Wandersong, the musical adventure, is getting a 7" EP release! Featuring two sneak peek tracks from A Shell in the Pit (Gordon McGladdery) and available exclusively at The Yetee!


Pressed on neon yellow wax. Limited edition 1/250.

Packaged with care and shipped from Yetee HQ in Aurora, Illinois. 

Sold Out!

Indie City: Stage of Development

by Ian Dorsch
— Read more

Soundtrack for the documentary Indie City by Ian Dorsch!

Pressed on translucent royal blue wax, limited edition 1/300.

Hot Tin Roof OST

by Hot Tin Roof
— Read more

Sit in your favorite chair, dim the color spectrum to noir, and get ready to listen to the sultry sounds of Hot Tin Roof! Heck, maybe these tunes will even inspire you and your pet and help you solve your own mysteries!

12" LP shipped with care and love from Yetee HQ in Aurora, Illinois

Symphonies of the Knight

by Mega Ran & K-Murdock
— Read more

Bits and Rhymes are BACK! Only available on vinyl, this exclusive 5-Track journey through the world of Shovel Knight features tracks flipped by K-Murdock and Mega Ran as only they know how! 

Mega Ran and K-Murdock would like to thank: Yacht Club Games, Jake Kaufman, every gamer worldwide, and all their supporters!


Artwork by Drew Wise

Clear overlay case, pressed on smoke-clear vinyl, limited edition.

Reverie Vinyl OST

by Reverie
— Read more

A physical release for the Soundtrack for Reverie - an adventure game about a young boy who must journey through a sacred island to lay spirits back to rest. Available exclusively at The Yetee!

Music Composed by William E. (Alexander Gleich).
Artwork by Drew Wise.

Packaged and shipped with care from Yetee HQ in Aurora, Illinois. 



by Patrice Bourgeault
— Read more

Ghostly, space-pirate Flinthook is going to save the galaxy armed only with his grappling hook, blasma pistol and pure grit. But he can’t do it without an exciting chiptune soundtrack. This is what heroes are made of.

With beautiful package design by Drew Wise, this catchy, energizing soundtrack, on 12” pink vinyl, is the perfect addition to any gamer’s collection. It’s truly a swashbuckling good time.

Limited edition soundtrack on pink vinyl for the hit video game Flinkhook! Featuring unique packaging with cutout “hook action” that reflect the true power of the hookshot! Album art by Stéphane BoutinOriginal music from composer Patrice Bourgeault.


Now Shipping. 1/500

Licensed and Produced by Yetee Records – A division of The Yetee LLC


by Joel Corelitz
— Read more

The just path is often hardest. A brave Tumbleseed is called on by ancient prophecy to climb the beautiful but perilous mountain overlooking his quaint village and save everyone from certain destruction.

Original music composed by Joel Corelitz accompanies the play in this roguelike/arcade-style video game. Fifteen soothing, emotional and enchanting tracks will get listeners into the mood to zone-out with their headphones on.

Album Artwork by Drew Wise.  Includes digital download.


Licensed and Produced by Yetee Records – A division of The Yetee LLC. Pressed on a unique die-cut solid/transparent printed disc.

Ninja Senki (Solid)

by Patrice Bourgeault
— Read more

Unleash the power of the Shurikenjutsu!

Ninja Senki is a fast-paced platformer by Tribute Games featuring the blue ninja Hayate, lots of shurikens and revenge! This is the official release of Patrice Bourgeault's Original and DX versions of the soundtrack.

With Ukiyo-E inspired album art by Drew Wise, this Limited Edition release comes as a uniquely designed 140g Picture Disc of a ninja star in clear vinyl!

Clear Vinyl Solid Ninja Star Picture Disc 12" LP(33RPM) w/ full color textured jacket. Included digital download card for full OST. 1/250



by Marshall Art & Cory Johnson
— Read more

Let chiptune progressive rock duo Marshall Art and post-rock guru Cory Johnson take you on a remarkable journey through time with this video game arrangement EP.

The Timeline EP features music from the Legend of Zelda series, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and Undertale. Born out of a live collaboration at MAGFest 2016, these four songs have been rearranged, combining authentic NES hardware and effects-laden electric guitar to form chiptune rock epics unlike anything else out there!


10” black with colored splatter vinyl (45 RPM) with full color label and jacket. Album artwork by Drew Wise and photography by Ami Moregore.


by Synaptyx
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The first pressing from Synaptyx on Yetee Records, Tunguska is a cinewave electronica masterpiece. Featuring 9 tracks from Scottish musician Aaron A. Fimister, this album is sure to be a hit in any vinyl collector's library.

12" 33RPM 140G B&W Splatter LP

Limit 5 copies per customer.

Curses N Chaos

by Patrice Bourgeault
— Read more

Smash Monsters! Escape Death! Rock out to Patrice Bourgeault's epic OST!

Featuring glorious album art by Ian Wilding and a limited edition Black/Red Blob disc.

01 Curses 'N Chaos
02 Forest
03 Bellwood
04 Market
05 Wheelwright
06 Ovu Cavern
07 Starfall
08 Gravefield
09 Hope's End

10 Castle Grimm
11 Grimmalcore
12 Chaos Dimension
13 Miniboss
14 Boss
15 Greater Boss (Phase 1)
16 Greater Boss (Phase 2)
17 The End

Black/Red Lava Blob 12" LP (33RPM) w/ full color jacket. Included digital download card for full OST. Only 500 available!

Lagrange Point

by Konami Kukeiha Club
— Read more

Konami's Lagrange Point is often seen as the high technical watermark in Famicom/NES chiptune music. This Japan-only release contained a special memory mapper chip (the VRC7) that enabled the cartridge to produce FM synthesis, giving it a quality that no other Famicom/NES game can compete with.

Lagrange Point is a wholly unique specimen for the Famicom and Ship to Shore is proud to present the first ever official Western release of the score. Composed by the legendary Konami Kukeiha Club, with some input from Japanese recording artist Akio Dobashi (REBECCA), the score makes full use of the aforementioned VRC7 to create an incredibly atmospheric experience. You've certainly never heard your Famicom, or your turntable, emit sounds like this!

Yetee Exclusive The Limited Edition Clear w/ Blue Streaks 12” LP (140 grams) with artwork and design by Drew Wise. Liner notes by's Jeremy Parish

Breakforcist (7")

by Pete Ellison
— Read more

#Breakforcist is the world's FIRST breakfast/exorcism-themed endless arcade-style brick breaker! This isthe limited edition 7" EP release — featuring four selections from the #Breakforcist soundtrack. Pressed on white vinyl with full color labels and jacket. It includes a download card for the full OST.

Album Art and Music by Pete Ellison

White Vinyl 7" EP(45RPM) w/ full color label and jacket.
Included digital download card for full OST. 1/250

Vinyl Color
Select a Vinyl Color!
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Ninja Senki (Pixel)

by Patrice Bourgeault
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Unleash the power of the Shurikenjutsu!

Ninja Senki is a fast-paced platformer by Tribute Games featuring the blue ninja Hayate, lots of shurikens and revenge! This is the official release of Patrice Bourgeault's Original and DX versions of the soundtrack.

With Ukiyo-E inspired album art by Drew Wise, this Limited Edition release comes as a uniquely designed 140g Picture Disc of a ninja star in clear vinyl!

Clear Vinyl Pixel Ninja Star Picture Disc 12" LP(33RPM) w/ full color textured jacket. Included digital download card for full OST. 1/250


by Jean Chan
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Join Master Cyrus on his quest to save Gorudo! The Tribute Games classic is now available on wax! Featuring all tracks from Jean Chan and classic Atari style art by Drew Wise! These picture discs spin just like the orbs in the game!

1. Cyrus's Theme
2. Road to Melancholia
3. Battle Bass Ground
4. Tarot Village
5. The Clover Beat
6. The Waltz of the Forest Slimes
7. Echoes of Depth
8. While My Castle Stand

9. Dimension X Oddity
10. Peace & Joy
11. As Time Goes By
12. Greed Ol' Greed
13. Hymn to the Wizard
14. Bubbly Goodness
15. Tropical Shopping Spree
16. Gorudo Kingdom
17. Journey Through the Dark (Bonus Track)

Red/Blue Orb Picture Disc 12" LP (33RPM) w/ full color textured jacket. Included digital download card for full OST. Only 250 available!

I Dreamed of a Palace in the Sky (2XLP)

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The Dream Begins Again...

Equip’s classic debut “I Dreamed Of A Palace in the Sky” is once again available on deluxe double LP. Since its 2016 release, this album has attained classic status in the vaporwave realm. With it’s memorable melodies, RPG-inspired sound palette, and dream-like atmosphere, Equip broke new ground in the vaporwave scene while expanding the confines of the genre.

Out beyond the edge of consciousness, a journey awaits. Unfurling before you like a coil, the fabric of time and space begins to expand in tandem with your mind as you awaken in this newfound world. Branching out past the horizon of forests and mountains lays a serpentine valley of paths shrouded in mist. Welcome to the next level. Which path will you choose? The one of fame, riches, lost love— perhaps you are even seeking yourself within this catacomb of dreams? Beware: Entering this magical world isn’t the problem. Try getting out… 

Spanning 25 tracks and clocking in at over an hour, this classic sounds fresh again on a new vinyl variant, including a fresh obi strip designed by Marc Junker aka R23X. 

Limited edition of 100 "Floating Garden Swirl" Yetee Records exclusive variant from 100% Electronica. 2XLP does not ship with download code.

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System Delight LP

by Vaperror
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Two computer programs spawn from a central AI system code-named "System Delight". The two programs gain sentience and explore their newfound abilities to feel emotion and perceive the world around them. But both quickly calculate that something is missing...

A 40-minute journey detailing the compelling ups and downs of a synthetic relationship, "System Delight" will be sure to please both humans and computers alike.

Featuring new art by Drew Wise.

Limited edition of 300 on blue swirl Island Wake vinyl. Mastered by Marc Junker (R23X). Includes MP3 Download upon purchase.

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