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Castlevania: ReBirth & Cursebreaker X on Vinyl

January 29, 2020 Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth (Exclusive Yetee Records x Ship to Shore Variant) Yetee Records will be offeri...
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A Hat in Time Vinyl Soundtrack

January 22, 2020A Hat in Time OST now available on Yetee Records: We are very proud to present the soundtrack for A Hat in Time on 1...
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Poly Bridge OST on Yetee Records

November 27, 2019 "Imagine going on the most relaxing road trip. From the Indie-hit video game Poly Bridge, let this soundtrack perfec...
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The Stickermoon deadline is nigh!

October 30, 2019The Stickermoon deadline is nigh! We wanted to let you know today (because tomorrow is that spooky spooky night) that...
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5 reasons why you need to pre-order Burger Bun

October 26, 20191. Burger Bun is the cutest plush ever. Look at that sweetheart! 2. Burger Bun is made to order. Your little bun c...
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Coming to Compact Disc: Synthetic Core 88

October 23, 2019Yetee Records is proud to present a new pressing of Synthetic Core 88 by Equip & Drew Wise—coming to CD October 2...
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AGDQ 2020 Attendee-Exclusive Merch

October 23, 2019We are proud to present the Official AGDQ 2020 Event Design! Designed by Marc Junker Exclusive colorway available fo...
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New Yuppie Psycho Collection!

October 19, 2019We've got shivers with this new announcement! We've teamed up with the team Baroque Decay to bring a spooky collectio...
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A Hat In Time is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

October 18, 2019 A Hat in Time is now available on the Nintendo Switch! To celebrate we are have a special sale this weekend! All o...
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October 17, 2019We're so excited to debut the TRASH.BIN WAVE 3 Collection. ♥TRASH.BIN is a clothing & accessories brand inspired ...
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New Items From Pixeleyebat!

October 17, 2019This week we unveiled three brand new items over in Pixeleyebat's collection! Peep these sweet items! Dance... is li...
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Two Sales You Don't Want to Miss!

October 15, 2019We have some really awesome artist stores in the Yeteemart. You might already know this but just in case you didn't, ...
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Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar on Vinyl

September 25, 2019 Disasterpeace - Rise of the Obsidian Insterstellar  Yetee Records has partnered with Disasterpeace (FEZ, Hyper Light...
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Hat Kid Plush and Snatcher Scarf Returning!

September 06, 2019By popular demand, we've got some exciting news about some returning items! On September 30th, we're happy to say tha...
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New Job and Vacation Simulator Merch!

August 28, 2019Hey there [HUMAN]! We've got some new [WORKPLACE] and [VACATION] themed items available for you now! We heard that br...
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Announcement: Disasterpeace - Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar

August 26, 2019Disasterpeace - Rise of the Obsidian Insterstellar  Yetee Records has partnered with Disasterpeace (FEZ, Hyper Light ...
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Pixel Eyebat Artist Store Sale

August 26, 2019We're going to be retiring some of Pixel Eyebat's items in their artist store soon, so we're offering a special disco...
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Yetee Records Shipping

August 20, 2019Shipping Rates and Practices: The Yetee Records warehouse takes great care when packing/shipping vinyl records and ca...
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Sweatyfest 2019: Round 2 is here!

August 16, 2019Someone told the Yetee that summer was almost over, and he wanted to have one more party before that happened! So he ...
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