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You Know That Bump in the Night?

Posted October 15, 2021
You Know That Bump in the Night?

Sleuth out some monsters with our brand new wave of Chilluminati merch featuring the Flatwoods Monster design by DraculaByte now available as a screen-printed poster! Feelin' daring? Outfit yourself with a new tee also designed by DraculaByte featuring a cryptid cast of spooky beasts titled The Frightening Four! This new tee won't be around for long so be sure to snag it before it slips back into the darkness on November 15th!

The Frightening Four!

Embrace the cryptid world with this brand new mash up of ghoulish beasts. If something goes bump in the night it's probably one or more of these fellas...

Flatwoods Monster Poster

Deck out those walls with this screen-printed poster of the Flatwoods Monster design by DraculaByte. Just beware of what lurks in the lower parts of this world, okay?

We've got a wicked bundle of cryptic goodies that are up for grabs in our new giveaway in partnership with the Chilluminati PodcastYou can enter from now until the end of October for your chance to sneak away with a complete set of Chilluminati pins, a shiny Jumbo Moffmin sticker (exclusive to this giveaway), the first season of The X-Files on Blu-ray, and the Official Archive book. ENTER HERE