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A Wild Fresno Appears!

July 10, 2023Get ready to crawl into the night with a brand new tee skulking its way into the official Chilluminati Podcast collec...
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Relinquish Your Mind

February 10, 2023Herr Hypnosis has returned! Relinquish cognitive control with a brand new mind-bending poster zapping its way into th...
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Release Your Mind!

November 03, 2022Relinquish cognitive control with a brand new hypnotic tee zapping its way into the official Chilluminati collection ...
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It Came From Outer Space!

April 20, 2022Enter the world of the culinarily unknown with a brand new tee that’s warped its way into the official Chilluminati C...
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You Know That Bump in the Night?

October 15, 2021Sleuth out some monsters with our brand new wave of Chilluminati merch featuring the Flatwoods Monster design by Drac...
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West Virginia Mothman Mama!

October 30, 2020BREAKING NEWS: We are receiving additional reports of the unidentified cryptid that’s been sweeping across the night ...
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