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Welcome to class froshmin

Posted March 17, 2021
Welcome to class froshmin

Head off to a colorful campus and pursue your artistic dreams with ART SQOOL by Julian Glander! Dubbed onto a clear cassette with yellow leader tape, the soundtrack to this fever dream simulation is available now via Yetee Records.



A static-filled cavern of ambiance and Vocaloid bliss awaits you as Julian Glander takes you on a semester abroad inside his twisted and vibrant imagination. Checking your schema of what's real at the door, this album's hauntingly schizophrenic cacophony of drones will dip your toes into the synthetic echolocation of bit depth dreams before plunging you headfirst into sine wave streams… A subconsciously serene affair— ART SQOOL is a still life world you'll never want to leave.

Mastered for analog playback by Marc Junker (aka R23X), this special cassette release features brand new artwork by the game's developer and composer Julian Glander!

Every single copy of ART SQOOL comes bundled with a state-of-the-art stress sphere modeled after the game’s very own main character! Relieve the stress from your mundane workload and whisk yourself away to a world of self-aware and purposefully obscure assignments. Become the froshmin you were always meant to be!

Open enrollment to one of the most prestigious programs in the universe begins today!*

*credits are non-transferable so please be sure to graduate


If you’d like to stay up to date on all things ART SQOOL swing by the game’s website and snag the game over at!