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The Dream Begins Again…

Posted February 03, 2021
The Dream Begins Again…

Out beyond the edge of consciousness, a journey awaits. Unfurling before you like a coil, the fabric of time and space begins to expand in tandem with your mind as you awaken in this newfound world. Branching out past the horizon of forests and mountains lays a serpentine valley of paths shrouded in mist. Welcome to the next level. Which path will you choose? The one of fame, riches, lost love— perhaps you are even seeking yourself within this catacomb of dreams? Beware: Entering this magical world isn’t the problem. Try getting out…

Press Start and float off into the ethereal clouds of a secluded world this week with I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky by Equip! Pressed on Floating Garden Swirl, this deluxe double LP role-playing adventure is the definitive re-release of Kevin Hein’s seminal vaporwave classic from 2016. Housed inside a gatefold jacket featuring artwork from renowned artist and musician Keith Rankin, this new edition also comes wrapped with an elegant OBI strip designed by Marc Junker!


Lulling you deeper within the sanctuary of his own design, Equip’s playful mixture of FX sampling, hypnotic percussive elements, and echo-filled melodies will trap you within a conflux of pure synaptic awareness! Bridging the gap between video game music and Vaporwave, conscious and unconscious, I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky is a genre-defining masterpiece that will take you through an analog transmission of a mind near the fringes of imagination!

Limited to 100 copies, this Yetee Records Exclusive Variant in partnership with 100% Electronica is available to order now!

Begin your first round of dream induced role-playing today!

“But it felt so REAL….”

If you would like to stay up to date on all things Equip scope out his website and Bandcamp as well as his various social media profiles!

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