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Created by DREW WISE and R23X, EarthCade is a brand based on a self-sufficient arcade dedicated to Clean Energy, Inclusiveness, & Earth's Conservation. As a follow up to the initial merch offerings, Drew and R23X have come back with some new music, a plush and a wonderful tee from our good friend and Yetee Fam, MISKI.

Music by R23X. Limited edition of 250 made. Pressed on 7" bright blue, thin, flexible "Flexi Disc" material. Includes free 2" Chibi R23X Sticker. $1 From every record sold is donated to VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue association)

This is pre-sale and orders are expected to ship in April 2019.



Designed by Drew Wise, CHOMP is one of the main characters from EarthCade. Join him and his friends as they spend their time playing games and making friends. 5.25" inches tall.

$1 From every plush sold will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup


Designed by Miski and screen printed with care at Yetee HQ on super soft Navy Blue ringspun cotton tees. $1 From every tee sold is donated to VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue association)

This is pre-sale and orders are expected to ship in April 2019.


You can listen to R23X's TERRA_II on his bandcamp now! Head here to give it a listen! 

R23X is performing this weekend in Vancouver! You can catch them at the Hitori Tori Tape Release with R23X / / Diva Plavalaguna. Full info available on Facebook here.

Travis Pixels Artist Store

We've got a new artist store from the amazing artist Travis Carter/Pixels!

Originally from the Pacific North West (Vancouver BC), Travis Carter is has been making tees with us for a couple of years now. It makes perfect sense why we decided to collaborate on his own official store!

With two classy and clean designed tees, a legendary sticker pack and some must-have pins to keep away the darkness, his launch line up is something you do not want to miss!

Artist Spotlight: Jason Cryer

California-based awesome t-shirt designer Jason Cryer answers The Yetee’s questions

 Jason Cryer is a San Anselmo, California-based designer that has been collaborating with The Yetee to make awesome t-shirts and pins for years. Cryer’s works can be dark and gritty, while also being adorable and fun, which makes for interesting and compelling designs. Besides working with The Yetee, Cryer’s claim to fame is an official Twin Peaks t-shirt design, personally approved by David Lynch. We got in touch with the graphic designer to learn a little more.

What inspired you to become an artist? 

I consider myself more of a graphic designer than an artist — art is about self-expression, but that’s not always the goal in design. I’m not a skilled illustrator but I love working with typefaces, photos, lines, colors, etc. You can express a lot with no imagery at all. Record covers, and particularly the work of Rob Jones, drew me to graphic design. I split my time between more business-oriented design work and creative work.

3 Logos created by Cryer for theyetee

How long have you been making t-shirt designs? How did you get connected with The Yetee?

 About 7 years. The Yetee was fairly new when I started submitting designs, but it’s all a bit fuzzy. Over the years, I’ve developed a great friendship with the folks who run the show. Can’t ask for a better group of people to work with.

Can you tell me the inspiration behind your Yetee designs? 

Any design I make for The Yetee is something that has a personal attachment for me. I try not to follow trends, and most of my designs are colored by some sort of nostalgia — I don’t get the same inspiration from modern pop culture. I enjoy reducing things into a simple iconic graphic. I generally prefer designs that are only a few colors and not too complicated.

What/who inspires you? 

Massimo Vignelli, Aaron Draplin, The Designers Republic and dozens more I can’t remember right now. Saul Bass. Pentagram. David Lynch. Steve Jobs. Kraftwerk. Braun. Polytron. Keita Takahashi.

What medium do you like to work in? 

The majority of my designs are created entirely in Illustrator, sometimes a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop. I enjoy drawing and working in a variety of mediums, but my skills are best expressed through Illustrator and Photoshop.

What is your dream job? 

I would love to design movie posters or work somewhere like the Criterion Collection or Apple.

What work have you done that you are most proud of?  

Designing an official Twin Peaks t-shirt that was personally approved by David Lynch was a huge honor for me.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

I would love to visit Japan when I can find the opportunity, so much of my work is inspired by Japanese culture. Italy and Germany are two other big destinations, too.

Check out Jason Cryer’s Yetee page:



Miski goes beyond cat t-shirts with Amaro line

Casey Uhelski combined a love of black cats (specifically, her own 17-years-old-and-still-going-strong black cat) and illustration to come up with her Yetee-exclusive Amaro line, a collection of beautifully illustrated cat t-shirts, stickers, pins and prints.

The Tennessee-based artist, who goes by the name Miski, is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and kids’ book illustrator for the series KeeKee’s Big Adventures. Not to mention a kick-ass t-shirt designer who has created over a dozen designs for The Yetee, including stickers, pins, and even coffee.

What—besides black cats of course—inspired Miski to become an illustrator? “Probably the same story as most artists—I drew a lot as a kid. But in high school I decided I couldn't imagine doing anything else and I was lucky enough to have parents that supported me.”

Miski was introduced to The Yetee while doing fan art for a speed runner around five years ago. “I posted it in Twitch chat and Kari Fry, another artist who happened to be in chat at the time, asked if I ever considered shirt design,” says Miski. “She gave me a 101 on shirt design and Yetee seemed pretty chill to work with so off I went. I just never thought it would be so accessible.”

The Amaro line was born out of her previously-mentioned love for black cats. “I had one growing up (he's 17 now and still doing great) who was just the sweetest little dude. I just started drawing this cute black cat dealing with bad luck as a theme to get out of an art slump, and Amaro was born.”

Besides whimsical, flowery cat t-shirts, the line includes something you may not expect: coffee beans. “Amaro” is an Italian surname that means unlucky or bitter. Miski came up with the idea of designing an Amaro coffee label based on that “bitter” concept. “I then remembered that the Yetee at some point had sent me some custom coffee. I asked if it was possible for me to sell it. Turns out they know a roaster in Chicago, and they made it happen.”
Miski says she is very proud of the charity designs she has made for both GDQ and Zeldathon via The Yetee. She is requested by name to design shirts for indie game developers as well. “But,” she says, “my big personal victory has been being able to build up my own personal line of merchandise. People loving your original art enough to wear it is pretty amazing.”

Check out Miski on The Yetee:

Twitter: @miskiart