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Meet Paperbeatsscissors

Posted September 16, 2020
Meet Paperbeatsscissors

July marked the 9 year anniversary of The Yetee, and to celebrate we are debuting a brand new content series here on the blog. In this inaugural article, our Content Writer Jacob sat down with graphic artist and web-designing wizard Chris Gerringer, aka. Paperbeatsscissors, to ask him some tell-all questions and peel back the curtain on his work here at The Yetee and beyond. Welcome to Meet The Yetee!

Jacob Chase: How did you come up with the name Paperbeatsscissors, where did it come from?

Paperbeatsscissors: I went by “paper” and “rockpaperscissors” for a while in college but wanted a name that wasn’t already taken, so I eventually switched it to Paperbeatsscissors!

JC: What’s your job title at The Yetee and what do you do here?

Paperbeatsscissors: I do web development and since I’m the only person in my department I refer to myself as the “Hokage of Websites”

JC: How long have you been working at The Yetee?

Paperbeatsscissors: A little over 3 years!

JC: What is a day in the life of Chris Gerringer?

Paperbeatsscissors: Usually try to wake up in time to read for an hour or so before work, then spend the day working on whatever I have on my list for the day (typically pretty different from day to day), cool down with some video games, make some dinner, then either draw, watch tv, or both!

JC: What was it like redesigning The Yetee website in 2019?

Paperbeatsscissors: A lot of work, but also a lot of fun. It’s great getting to work on something you know you can really have fun with, and the rest of the team at The Yetee was super supportive through the whole process.

JC: What’s your current development and art workstation specs?

Paperbeatsscissors: I use a 13” Macbook Pro with Hyper and Sublime Text for my development work, and recently switched to an iPad Pro and Procreate for art.

JC: What programs or mediums do you use to create your artwork?

Paperbeatsscissors: I always have my sketchbook handy because for whatever reason my favorite way to get ideas down is still pencil and paper. Then usually take it over to Procreate for final art, or sometimes Photoshop depending on what I’m trying to do!

JC: Who are some of your favorite artists that have inspired your work over the years?

Paperbeatsscissors: Ohh, that’s a hard one - I’d say all my peers in the art community and Yetee crew are a constant source of inspiration for me. As a younger artist, probably people like Fabien Mense (@fabien_mense), Tomer Hanuka (@tropical_toxic) and Tēng Tsa̍p-Chê (@SachinTeng). Now I tend to be more inspired by younger artists - one of my current favorites is Kiwi (@cottonsprout).

JC: Do you have any pets? Are they a big part of your life?

Paperbeatsscissors: I have 2 cats and they are my children.

JC: What is your favorite video game?

Paperbeatsscissors: I will buy any Smash Brothers, Mario, or Metal Gear game without question.

JC: Three Desert Island movies go!

Paperbeatsscissors: Just 3 copies of A Goofy Movie.

JC: Who’s your Smash main?

Chris responded to this question by sending a hilarious picture of King Dede, so I am just going to share a little Cat Dede illustration he did.

JC: What are some of your hobbies outside of creating artwork and coding?

Paperbeatsscissors: I play drums in a band and also make my own music sometimes. I also really enjoy cooking!

JC: What's your all-time favorite food?

Paperbeatsscissors: Probably boring but gotta go with pizza. It’s never a bad time for pizza.

A plush Burger Bun posing with an actual burger, what’s more to say? Click the picture and nab your own!


JC: What has been your favorite memory while working at The Yetee?

Paperbeatsscissors: Getting a design submission that was just a cut-out .png of a coffee table.


If you are into colorful stylistic designs or plushies of some of your beloved characters, cute animals, or food, Chris has got you covered! That’s what I think makes his creations and his style unique and appealing to so many people. His drive to think outside of the box and come up with off-the-wall and stylish designs helps to push his work and creative prowess into an entirely different level that always makes people smile. His work here at The Yetee and the role he plays on our team is so crucial in helping us deliver the world of our artists to you. So thanks Chris for all you do, and as always, we can’t wait to see what you dream up next dude!

Speaking of dreaming things up... there’s a brand new collection of Paperbeatsscissors items landing on the YeteeMart today! Is art your passion? Be careful of those kitties, they may seem nice, but they all might actually be nife....

If you’d like to scope out more of what Yetee Chris (Paperbeatsscissors) is up to, check out his artist page over on the YeteeMart as well as give him a follow over on his various social media profiles pages. It’s also worth noting that Chris has an awesome Tumblr where he posts some of his artwork and daily tee designs that’s definitely worth digging through!


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