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The Yetee Blog

Fridge Senpai is Back!

That's right— You know you can't resist it. We've brought back ProZD's Fridge Senpai Body Pillow. From the smash hit imaginary but also real anime series; Chairem Anime, Fridge Senpai holds all your (culinary) desires.
Designed by the amazing Miski, this pillow is two sides of sensually chilled food. Fridge Senpai Body Pillow is $35 + shipping and exclusively available in ProZD's shop on The Yetee. BUT... like all good things is only available for a limited time! Get yours before they're gone!

New ProZD Shirt: It's My Ass-Kicking Outfit

It happens in every RPG. You want to look cool, but that frilly hat just has better stats than the badass helmet. But do you let that stop you? No way! You'll right up the the villain dressed like an absolute clown and still wreck shop. 


ProZD understands, and along with Studio Iliustrata, has brought you a new Ass-Kicking Outfit to wear!