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Sunder Your Mind

Posted March 04, 2021
Sunder Your Mind

Zig zag into the infinite time spiral of digital synapses and myelin sheaths this week with YIIK: A Postmodern RPG. Pressed on Mind Dungeon Splatter by Yetee Records, the vinyl soundtrack to AckkStudios’ cult classic adventure game is here to sunder your consciousness into a million pieces! Featuring music from the game’s very own co-director, Andrew Allanson, this vinyl is chock full of industry-famed composers such as Calum Bowen, Garoad, Baiyon, Ken ‘coda’ Snyder, and Hiroki Kikuta!

Beckoning you out beyond the pale of this reality, a cluster of notes spring to life, like axons in your mind, the world becomes anew. Beaten back against the shores of one existence to the next, there’s no knowing if and where you began or end at all. The rocking chorus of cosmic background melodies and syncopated rhythms reverberating around you is all that’s left. What does the future hold, is there even a future? The threads themselves have become far too stretched for one’s mind to comprehend...

Featuring stunning artwork from Ilustrata and mastered for analog playback by Marc Junker (aka R23X), YIIK: A Postmodern RPG is a 33 ⅓ RPM nerve cell firecracker that’s ready to nuzzle its way deep into your subconscious and never let go!