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Set Sail Traveler

Posted April 21, 2021
Set Sail Traveler

An array of mirror-like shores and a restless sea await as you set out on a quest to reclaim your world from the clutches of an evil lord. Far across the ocean of clouds, beyond the reaches of time, it rests. Nestled near the elbow of an ancient string of islands a magical cove filled with the secrets of a bygone era stretches on before you… Encroaching upon its ancient and magical tendrils almost assuredly spells death, but the tools to defeat the enemy lie beyond this jeweled veil. Attuned with the elements, the labyrinthian corridor of crystalline stalagmites and razor-sharp rocks draws you ever deeper into the maw of the unknown. What lies ahead is up to you, traveler!

The next chapter of the Nameless Dreamers saga is here! Available on a turn-of-the-century Edison Wax Cylinder, this brand new release features two singles, Bejewelled Grotto & Exploring Quartz Temple by Equip & R23X. Get whisked away on a journey like no other. And fulfill the quest you were set out to do!

Packaged inside Navy and Cardinal storage tubes and featuring artwork by Keith Rankin, this historical piece of Vaporwave memorabilia is limited to 26 copies (13 of each color) and includes an immediate digital download of Bejewelled Grotto and Exploring Quartz temple. As an included bonus, we are throwing in a deliciously lo-fi rip of the audio captured from a real Edison Phonograph player that you can listen to now! Immerse yourself in a JRPG-inspired fantasy world expertly crafted by R23X and Equip today!