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A Sweet Treat Is Hitting The Yetee Records Shop!

Posted May 19, 2020
A Sweet Treat Is Hitting The Yetee Records Shop!

Saccharine Synergy is an upbeat dreamy trip through the metabolic fever dream that only candy and beats can deliver. A chiptune-infused masterpiece, this gorgeous album will take you on a trip to the ocean floor’s simple syrup flow and immerse you in the ethereal and vibrant cascade of sounds that VAPERROR is known for! Syncopated tones and pulsing synths will rock the jetsam in your head as the grooves carry you into the undercurrent torrent of VAPERROR’s most experimental album to date— leaving your tastebuds positively tingling with each and every spin!


We have a positively scrumptious exclusive Lollipop Split variant of VAPERROR’s Saccharine Synergy vinyl hitting the Yetee Records shop today! Vaporwave is such an integral part of our record division here at The Yetee and VAPERROR's at the center of what makes our connection to this space of the music industry so dear to our hearts.

For those of you who may not know, Yetee Records is headed up by our very own senior art director Marc Junker, otherwise known as R23X. As a pioneer in the Vaporwave scene, R23X has pushed forward the boundaries of creativity and helped to pioneer a very special sub-genre of Vaporwave that is heavily tied to video games. Like lightning in a bottle, artists are taking the industry by storm in the form of soundtracks for games that don’t exist, experimental sampling oases, and multimedia experiences that pay tribute to the games we all know and love.

VAPERROR is at the forefront of this emergent genre and that’s why we are so excited to share his newest album published through 100% Electronica with all of you. As an avid gamer, VAPERROR melds his musical experience with fully synthesized soundscapes that transport you into a metaphysical experience that is wholly unique. Cultivating this VGM adjacent genre has been one of the main focuses for our Vaporwave produced albums here at Yetee Records and we can’t wait to share more projects with you soon.

Scope our exclusive Lollipop Split variant of Saccharine Synergy now!