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Poly Bridge OST on Yetee Records

Posted November 27, 2019
Poly Bridge OST on Yetee Records

"Imagine going on the most relaxing road trip. From the Indie-hit video game Poly Bridge, let this soundtrack perfectly accompany you on your happy travels"

Yetee Records is proud to present the Soundtrack for Poly Bridge by Adrian Talens on 12" vinyl. Poly Bridge is the critically acclaimed bridge-building simulator that tests your engineering skills with physics-based puzzle solving.

All-new bonus tracks including "Going Places:"



Vinyl also contains a Pongball Remix of "Under Construction"

Buy the vinyl here.

Jacket artwork by Drew Wise.

Mastered for vinyl by Marc Junker (aka R23X).

YTR-00047. Includes digital download at time of purchase. This is a limited edition of 300 on translucent seafoam aqua wax. Pre-order expected to ship Q1 2020.