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Owlboy Soundtrack & R23X "OST(1).rar"

Posted July 30, 2019
Owlboy Soundtrack & R23X "OST(1).rar"


We are proud to present R23X's "OST(1).rar" on vinyl for the very first time. This is R23X's debut album from 2014 and it made a splash in the vaporwave community online. Now, we present this VGM-infused glitchy piece of vaporwave history to you in a limited edition deluxe package designed by Jason Cryer.

R23X’s unique blend of Video Game-infused Vaporwave has garnered a following in online communities and been praised in the press. This album in particular is known for its experimentalism and playfulness—including the debut of R23X’s signature lo-fi VHS mastering technique. With an unheard bonus track from R23X and a remix of

d r y  s u m m e r  by EQUIP (100% Electronica), this will be the album to cop for anyone who has fond memories of torrenting or logging into Kazaa to download their favorite video game soundtracks.

The jacket is a reflective "rainbow foil" embossed front and back cover, with "energy orb" neon magenta pink wax.

This pressing will be available to purchase on August 7, 2019 @ 12pm CST. On and via Bandcamp. Limited to 300 copies. 


Owlboy Original Soundtrack

Thanks to D-Pad Studios and Jonathan Geer, we are able to present the Owlboy Original Soundtrack on a unique "nimbus cloud" blend of wax. The music is paired with art by Drew Wise that explores the iconography and mythos of the Owlboy universe.

This is an exclusive all-new Yetee Records pressing featuring a special selection of music from the game prepared by Jonathan Geer. Mastered for vinyl by Marc Junker (aka R23X). The nnew tracklist can be found here:

A01 Owlboy Main Title
A02 Vellie (Owlboy Theme)
A03 The Troublemaker
A04 Turtle Guardian
A05 Tropos
A06 Pirate Battle
A07 Advent Under Attack
A08 Strato
A09 Error
A10 The Floating Continent - Lava
B11 Escape from the Floating Continent
B12 Mesos
B13 Dirk Battle
B14 Something Isn't Right With the World
B15 Such Perfect Peace
B16 The Final Ascent
B17 Final Battle
B18 End Credits
B19 Vellie (Kyoshu Orchestra Cover)



This release features a brand new cover by the Kyoshu Orchestra.

Available to pre-order on August 28, 2019 @ 12pm CST and expected to ship September 2019. Limited to 300 copies.