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Konami’s 8-Bit Sound Trip

Posted August 12, 2020
Konami’s 8-Bit Sound Trip

Drop your needle into this whacky mashup of the best tracks the Konami Kukeiha Club has to offer with our exclusive variant of Ship to Shore PhonoCo.’s Wai Wai World 1+2 double LP soundtrack! Available on super limited Konami orange and red vinyl and limited to 100 copies, the soundtrack to Konami’s whacky 1988 and 1991 platforming adventure mashup that never made it out of Japan is finally here for your turntable’s enjoyment! Featuring some of the most iconic Konami characters of the 8-bit era, this bit trip cacophony of grooves is here to whisk you away into the nostalgic past of well known franchises such as Castlevania, Contra, Gradius and more!

Featuring new artwork from Mike Luckas and extensive liner notes from games journalist Anthony John Agnello, Konami Wai Wai World 1+2 is an indispensable artifact of 8-bit aural bliss.

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