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Hot Clown Summer is Here!

Posted July 24, 2023
Hot Clown Summer is Here!

Break out the red nose and bask in the heat with a brand new lineup of merch from K_Duffles jest in time for the summer heat! Dress for the part with two new tees, a tie-dye tank, and an accompanying sticker for all your comedic needs. Bozone layer shmozone lair, it's time to party!

Tiger Rider

Hitch a ride with your favorite clown pal and kick off the summer just right. Nine lives means nine times the clowns!

Hot Clown Summer

Embrace your inner jokester with this sick tie-dye thread. Celebrating the best time of the year has never been more stylish!

Ring of Fire

Adorn your world with the best-looking sticker this side of the circus! Celebrate Hot Clown Summer, come on!