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Going Goblin Mode!

October 23, 2023Get ready to embrace complete chaos with our brand new lineup of merch in the official K_Duffles collection over on t...
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Sock It To 'Em!

September 29, 2023Slide some socks onto your torso literally with our brand-new wave of tees in the official K_DUFFLES Collection over ...
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The Full Moon is Here!

September 21, 2023The pale moon has risen high over Yetee HQ this week for Spoopyfest and we have been haunted with eight spook-tacular...
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Flame Fatales 2023

August 14, 2023The folks over at Games Done Quick are hosting their annual Flame Fatales 2023 event over on Twitch this week! Flame ...
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Hot Clown Summer is Here!

July 24, 2023Break out the red nose and bask in the heat with a brand new lineup of merch from K_Duffles jest in time for the summ...
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New Worm Order 🌎🪱

April 21, 2023Become one with the Earth with our brand new lineup of merch from K_DUFFLES! Take on the avian menace with the Seize ...
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