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Coming to Compact Disc: Synthetic Core 88

Posted October 23, 2019
Coming to Compact Disc: Synthetic Core 88

Yetee Records is proud to present a new pressing of Synthetic Core 88 by Equip & Drew Wise—coming to CD October 29, 2019.

This is the definitive copy of the 2017 smash hit collaboration between Equip and Drew Wise. Available in Longbox and Square CD jewel cases to evoke the Sega Saturn era of packaging. All-new packaging re-designed by none other than Drew Wise.
Glass-mastered, black-bottom CD that feature an exclusive new tracklist created by Equip with two new bonus cuts exclusive to the disc. 
Mastered for CD by Marc Junker (aka R23X).

These will be available for purchase on Tuesday, October 29 at 12pm CST.

Limited edition of 500 CDs. Exclusive collector's edition of 100 Longbox variants.