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Change Your Form

Posted June 30, 2023
Change Your Form

Raise your wand and swap forms because we have got another awesome lineup of official merch in partnership with Drinkbox Studios! Shapeshift your collection with our lineup of official Nobody Saves the World merch including a tee, the Nobody pin, and a super magical Nostramagus Certified sticker sheet all designed by PixelEyeBat. Abracadabra!

Forms of the Hero

Get ready to fend of your foes in whatever form suits you best with this dynamic pileup featuring Nobody and all his magical transmogrifications!

Nobody Pin

Bring your favorite magical pal wherever you go with this adorable enamel pin. Sometimes all it takes is a little Nobody to save everything!

Nostramagus Certified Sticker Sheet

Render all your items officially magical with this golden sheet of Nostramagus Certification stickers. Totally 100% official!