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Aerial_Knight’s Bringing the Beats

Posted February 16, 2022
Aerial_Knight’s Bringing the Beats

Hit the ground running and slide to the beat with the vinyl soundtrack to Aerial_Knight's Never Yield by Neil Jones & Daniel Wilkins. Released in partnership with our friends over at Black Screen Records this hip-hop- jazz fusion of neon grooves brings an eclectic blend of sound to sweep you off your feet and into the futuristic streets of a Tokyo-style Detroit!

Pressed on Yetee Records exclusive Translucent Cyan Puddle vinyl and mastered by Christian Bethge, the soundtrack to one of the best indie games of 2021 is available now exclusively on our webstore and comes with a Bandcamp code for a digital copy of the album! Limited to 100 copies, this pulse-pounding album is the perfect soundtrack for any smooth parkour getaway you may find yourself in!

Check out this distributed title and more awesome albums over at Yetee Records