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A Swordwave Vinyl

Posted September 12, 2020
A Swordwave Vinyl

Wind down into the endless subterfuge of neon with Until You Fall: A Swordwave OST by Daniel Cohen! Available on exclusive Aetherflux Pink vinyl, the soundtrack to Schell Games’ future-ieval sword slashing VR game is here to electrify your ears and stereo system with its enigmatic beats and synthetic pulses of energy!

Mastered by Kirk Pearson of Dogbotic and packed from groove to runout with a selection of hand-picked tracks by Daniel Cohen himself, this single LP release showcases the best that this soundtrack has to offer! With artwork and design elements carried out by Astro Leon-Jhong, Justin Devore, and Ali Cannon— the eye-watering neon accents are the perfect compliment to this album’s vibrant color!

Cutting through the air like a broadsword, Daniel will take you through an ambient and down right heart pounding dystopia-scape of sounds with a charging bass and cascading synth-work that’ll leave you mesmerized for hours. Until You Fall is without a doubt a soundtrack that must be heard, and one that we are extremely excited to be carrying!

Slash your way into the grooves now over at Yetee Records!

Check out Until You Fall on PC through Steam.

Swing by Schell Games’ official website to learn more about them and the games they’ve produced!

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Check out Daniel Cohen's website for more information about him and his music!