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The Impact of Iwata

by Nintendo Force

Product Details

Satoru Iwata left an undeniable impact on the world of gaming by his sudden passing in 2015. During his time as President of Nintendo, he won over the hearts of gamers, designers, and fans from all walks of life with his friendly demeanor and dedicated attitude.

Lucas M. Thomas and the team from Nintendo Force magazine have worked to compile this informative and emotional retrospective looking back on the works and life of Satoru Iwata— starting from his humble programmer origins up to his iconic hosting duties of Nintendo Directs.

Spanning 244 full-color pages of history, stories, personal essays and illustrations from a variety of contributing writers and artists, The Impact of Iwata is a definitive profile of one of gaming's most legendary figures, available as a deluxe hardcover book featuring a bonus OBI strip illustrated timeline.

244 pages
Hardcover, First Edition
Published by NF Publishing, LLC

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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