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Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush

by Meat Boy

Product Details

Super Meat Boy Rival Rush is a one versus one competitive card game where players race characters from the Super Meat Boy Cinematic Universe to the end of a grueling level inspired by the lovingly crafted challenges of the infinitely popular video game Super Meat Boy. Players assemble twenty card decks comprised of actions and skills to get them to the end, along with some nasty disrupts to trip up their opponent. Beloved characters from the “SMBCU” make appearances for the first time as trading cards, each with their own unique abilities and instincts to navigate the levels ahead at breakneck speeds. Rival Rush is a nonstop fast paced no holds barred finger blistering every card for themselves showdown where only the swiftest and smartest survive.

Included in this box are two complete sets of cards to throw down with, and a quick guide on how to play. Each set contains 100 unique cards, and enough basic actions to build the perfect deck. That’s right, you get every single card in this box. You don’t have to buy hundreds of booster packs to get a complete set. You don’t have to go on popular internet auction websites to track down that rare card you need. You don’t have to spend fifty bucks on a single card because some yahoo at the Rival Rush World Championships got into the top eight with it, and now everyone wants it for their local Friday Night Rival Rush tournament. Every single card in the base set is right here for you to enjoy, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live. Amen.

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