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Cursebreaker X


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Yetee Records exclusive 100% Electronica Variant. Ships with Exclusive art print by Gage Lindsten.

*LIMITED OVERSTOCK* We have discovered overstock YTR variant Cursebreaker X.These copies contain minor cosmetic damage to the jackets (i.e. creased corners, scuffing) and thusly are priced at a discounted rate.

From the mind who brought you “I Dreamed of A Palace In The Sky” and "Synthetic Core 88" comes a whole new adventure!

Equip is CURSED! After equipping a sketchy blade, Equip starts transforming... into a demon!

The only way to restore Equip’s humanity is by uniting the evil sword with it’s pure half to form the CURSEBREAKER- the ultimate blade. Can Equip unite the Sanguine Edge with the Lightbringer before the clock strikes midnight?
Time is running out!

Yetee Records Exclusive Variant from 100% Electronica. Limited to 100 Copies on "Demon's Eye" wax. Does not include DL codes. Includes 10" x 10" Giclée "Cursed Equip" print.

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