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Whitewater Wipeout Soundtrack

by Chuhai Labs
Final Round!
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Get ready to crank it up another notch with our official collection of items for Chuhai Labs’ totally legit and completely legal Playdate game Whitewater Wipeout! Hit the high tide with pure gnar style and conviction with a cassette tape of the soundtrack that’ll completely blast out your earholes—let’s shred-it dudes!

Chiptune soundtrack composed by Charlie March.


This tape features the OST from the Playdate launch title, along with a collection of remixes, covers, and surf-inspired tracks from: Henry Demos, Popular Demos, Sammy and the Salamanders, Harper Miller, Malcom Rogers, Heavy Metal Marching Band, Equip, Grazcore, Vaperror, + more! The Tape is mastered/produced by Marc Junker (aka R23X).

Ships with download code for full digital download of album + remixes.

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