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Ladies' Plus

Size Chart

Size Bust Width Body Height Sleeve Length
SizePlus 2 (3XL) Bust Width48" Body Height29.5" Sleeve Length7.75"
SizePlus 3 (4XL) Bust Width50" Body Height30.5" Sleeve Length8.25"
SizePlus 4 (5XL) Bust Width54" Body Height31.5" Sleeve Length8.75"

How to find your size

Just click on the measurement you want for your size! The graphic will show you where to measure on a similar piece you already own.

Body Width is determined by laying the garment flat and measuring the chest width just below the armpits.

Body Height is measured from top of the shoulder to bottom of torso hem.

Sleeve to Center is the measurement from the center of neck along the outside of the sleeve to the end of the cuff.

Additionally, there is always a variation of +/- 1" in any of the measurements for the printed garments!