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Zeldathon Side Quest is Here!

Posted August 07, 2020
Zeldathon Side Quest is Here!

This weekend the folks over at Zeldathon are hosting a brand new marathon event titled “Zeldathon Side Quest.” This charity event is going on all weekend and features a whole slew of games that are sure to make for an exciting adventure! If you’d like to know more about this event, and Zeldathon in general, scope out the interview we did with Zeldathon’s co-founder and Executive Director, Matthew “MC” Moffit!

Zeldathon’s Side Quest for Rupees — An Interview With MC

To go along with this weekend's marathon event, we've got three limited tees available all weekend long! $5 from every tee sold will be sent to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies.

Need More Courage

Dash away from those dastardly hornets with this lovely Aqua tee designed by ArtsieRosie. You’re gonna need some more courage if you're going to fill out the museum’s collection ya know?

Windy Hero

Chill amongst the clouds with this comfy Navy Blue tee designed by AtsukuNatsu. A cool breeze is headed this way, why not drift along?

Lazin' in the Sunshine

Kick back and soak in the sunshine with this Royal Blue tee designed by TsunamiCoRyan. The plumbing life ain’t that easy, sometimes you just need a rest

These three tees are only available during the marathon itself, so be sure to snag one and support a great cause while you can!

You can catch the Side Quest Marathon over on the Zeldathon Twitch channel, where there’s sure to be unique commentary, awesome music, and hilarious sketches to keep the entertainment rolling all weekend!