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Yetee Illustrator Tiffany Ambrose launches POP PUP!

Posted May 03, 2018
Yetee Illustrator Tiffany Ambrose launches POP PUP!

Poke around the Yetee website a little and you’ll see her rosy-cheeked version of the Yetee popping up in illustrations and animations. Tiffany Ambrose partnered with The Yetee several years ago when she created some art for the former Yetee HQ grand opening.

“A friend of mine had introduced me to the artist page on Facebook, we did a few collaborations together, and then I started submitting my own designs. After that, Glen asked me to do some artwork of their Yetee mascot, and the rest is history,” says Tiffany. “Now I make memes, GIFs, tees, miscellaneous Yetee arts and I’m soon launching my own line called POP PUP with them.”

POP PUP is a collection of bright and cheerful (not to mention cute) puppy gear. The collection includes a hat, tees, a pin, a patch, and stickers. “I love dogs!” says Tiffany. “I've been drawing them since I was little and there's no way I will ever get tired of it. I tend to favor happy colors and happy things, so that's what these guys are all about.”

Tiffany has designed a number of awesome (non-puppy related) tees for The Yetee, including for Games Done Quick. She is particularly proud of the two she made for last year’s AGDQ and SGDQ. “One was for Yume Penguin Monogatari and the other was for Okami. I've seen my Okami tee being worn more often than any other that I've made. I get way too excited every time.”

Tiffany’s day job is in real estate marketing, and she says she enjoys doing art on her own time, for fun. “I feel like it gives me a lot more freedom and honestly I like the security of having a day job,” says Tiffany. “Not to say I wouldn't like to try illustration full time in the future, but right now this works out quite well.”

When she isn’t working or creating art, Tiffany is a gamer. “I don't play a lot of the big AAA titles, but I love indie games, rhythm games, and JRPGs, especially niche stuff. I've been playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 since it came out and am looking forward to putting even more hours into it. Nothing like taking your time exploring and doing side quests for the nice townspeople. These days I mostly play vicariously through Let's Players (thank goodness that's a thing).”


POP PUP is available here

Check out Tiffany Ambrose’s website:


Twitter: @PeculiarTiffany