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Wumbo Jumbo Stickers!

Posted March 15, 2021
Wumbo Jumbo Stickers!

We’ve got six brand new Jumbo Stickers over in our Stickermoon Collection. Coming in at 5” tall, and previously available via subscription only, these classic designs from PixelEyeBat, Miski, Drew Wise, Orion, and Byron B. are available to order now for all your sticker hoarding needs. So if you missed out on your chance to score these back in the day, or are just dying to get your hands on an extra one to slap somewhere, now’s your chance!

Beeg House

There’s no better place to hit the pause menu and save your progress than inside a quaint abode with your little pals! Ahh, there’s no place like home!

Milky Way Sundae

There’s no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than kicking back with a nice scoop of… Hey... How’d you get in there? Uhh, you can use a lint roller on ice cream, right?

Ban Ban Cactus

Think you can handle nine rounds with this old chap? Better hope you’ve brought some water with ya because this gal has been stocked up for months!

Beeg Family

How fast do you think you could make it down that big huge cold mountain? We hear belly slides are pretty ergonomic...

Beeg Bird

When you’re flying the coop happiness is the only thing that matters. Waddle on out and let those little feathers flutter like you just don’t care!

Beeg Boy

This guy’s got the right idea. Enjoy what ya wanna enjoy and never be shy about it. Just keep an eye out for flying turnips, will ya?

Check out these awesome stickers and more goodies over in our Stickermoon Collection! While you’re there, check out our rad Stickermoon Subscription where we will send you a specially curated collection of stickers every month right to your door for only $9 a month anywhere in the world!