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Worm John - An Interview

Posted March 10, 2023
Worm John - An Interview

Today is the start of Worm John weekend, and to celebrate we have teamed up with Couk to release a special set of tees this weekend only for all you Worm John believers out there! From now until midnight CST on Sunday, March 12th, you can snag these two awesome designs feipaturing everyone’s favorite worm lord in the sky!

But wait... that’s not all! To help ring in this special occasion, Jacob has sat down with Worm John’s best friend and chronicler James Downing aka. Couk to find out a little more about this mysterious friend we have all come to love. Here is Worm John - An Interview:

Jacob: Being the resident oracle of Earth that has a direct connection to Worm John what was it like making first contact with this extradimensional God?

Couk: He weaved through the clouds one day and appeared at my window. I'm not sure what the normal reaction is to a giant bendy white tube with a face appearing at your bedroom window, but I do remember doing a bit of a wee in my pants.

Jacob: When did Worm John first visit you? What compelled you to summon his form through art?

Couk: The year was 2005. I was doing one of those 24-hour drawing things with some mates, and by hour 17 I was going a bit delirious, so I decided to draw "the most basic character possible" as a joke, and there he was. Little did I know that I had drawn the exact likeness of a real life ancient magical creature.

Jacob: How old is Worm John?

Couk: A little younger than Earth itself… he arrived here on a meteor, a little bit after the planet formed. His online dating profile says he's 37, though. Seems to work for him.

Jacob: What does Worm John typically eat on a daily basis, any favorite restaurants or recipes?

Couk: Sadly for WJ, he's too big to fit in any culinary establishment. But it's OK, he just seems to live off light and happiness. Not to comment too much on his appearance, but his mouth is just sorta… painted on. It doesn't lead anywhere.

Jacob: How often should people pray to Worm John?

Couk: No praying necessary. He'll be popping 'round your neck of the woods sooner or later, you can just talk to him then, it's all good.

Jacob: Is there anything we can offer up to keep him satiated for mortal souls?

Couk: Just a cheeky wink and a smile his way will do the trick.

Jacob: What’s your scrying setup like? What programs or mediums do you use to capture Worm John’s likeness?

Couk: You can use any white medium to draw Worm John. Emulsion paint, chalk, tippex…. mayonnaise… I mostly just use Procreate on my iPad!

Jacob: What is your favorite vision or memory of our Worm Lord in the Sky?

Couk: The time when he made this face: *makes face*

Jacob: When can we expect Worm John to appear again?

Couk: He's just finishing up his latest world tour right now, in New Zealand, I think. After that's done, I think he just plans to wobble around above Scandinavia for a bit while he figures out his next move.


Wow… what a truly eye-opening experience! Thank you James for taking the time out of your busy Worm John-filled day to share a little bit about our pal Worm John. I think there’s a little something we can all learn from our Sky Noodle friend. Life is truly a mystery, and I know that all of us at The Yetee cannot wait to be graced by his presence one more. May Worm John outlive us all!

Auf Wiedersehen