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Wholesome Vibes With Arcasian

Posted February 03, 2022
Wholesome Vibes With Arcasian

Last week on The Yetee Show, Glen hosted a candid drawing and Q&A session over on our Twitch channel with fellow friend and Yetee collaborator Arcasian! For those of you who may not be familiar, Arcasian aka. Ann is a Twitch streamer, artist, and merch creator based out of Canada. Best known for her cute animal designs, Ann has helped to cultivate a positive and thriving community on Twitch and beyond!

If you've been following the happenings of our social media recently, you might have seen her artwork taking mainstage as our monthly profile pic for January! Each and every month we like to feature a brand new Yetee profile pic from one of our community artists and friends and Arcasian kicked things off for us in 2022 with a super adorable rendition of our beloved little tee cryptid. Check it out!

So cute! Thanks, Ann! It’s always awesome to see everyone's unique take on our little tee printing cryptid!

In case you missed the stream last week, Glen & Ann spent the better part of their Friday afternoon digitally doodling, chatting, and discussing all things pop culture, fandom, manufacturing, and behind-the-scenes knowledge of how the hot dogs of artwork and more are made! From goofy concepts to full-fledged tee mocks, the creative juices were positively flowing (as well as the occasional Shrek). If you wanna enjoy some good vibes and stories from Yetee co-founder and Ann, check out the VOD of the stream here. Set up as a co-stream, the conversations and engagement of both The Yetee's & Arcasian's fans meeting up in chat was an absolute wholesome blast from start to finish! Just check out these adorable tee design mocks that Glen and Ann came up with during the stream:

Keep an eye out, who knows if some of these might end up on a torso near you someday…

Speaking of keeping an eye out! Be sure to tune in to The Yetee Show this Friday @1pm CST on our official Twitch channel where Glen and ipaintbirbs will be joined by friends miski, Byron B., Fron, Geomaster, Paperbeatsscissors, 1000 Dead Draculas, and more for some good ol’ Gartic Phone madness!