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Who do you choose?

Posted June 05, 2023
Who do you choose?

Cozy up to your favorite prom date with one of three limited edition Monster Prom body pillow cases! Featuring three favorite characters Damien, Polly, and Zoe these soft cases are perfect for snuggling up to after a long night of dancing and dialogue choices. Each case comes with exclusive downloadable content for Monster Prom. Act fast because these luxurious dates are only available in limited quantities!

Damien Body Pillow Case

Stoke the flames with your resident devil Damien. Whoo... is it getting hot in here or is it just us?

Polly Body Pillow Case

Get your extra life on with this meow-gically comfy pillow case. Sometimes all you need is a second go around this thing we call existence!

Zoe Body Pillow Case

Wrap your tentacles around this cozy pillow case featuring everyone's favorite eldritch deity. An eternal date doesn't sound so bad now does it?