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Welcome to the Fam Jam!

Posted August 06, 2020
Welcome to the Fam Jam!

Break out the dancing shoes and crab claws because we have some exciting news! We are partnering with Twitch Streamer and avid coffee drinker AshleyRoboto to bring you all some lovely new items for all your positive vibing needs!

Time For Crab

You know what time it is… Swing your crabby arms from side to side with this bright yellow tee designed by 1000 Dead Draculas. The ocean floor is just a 1-2 step away!

Fam Jam

Crack open a fresh jar of Fam Jam and join the club with this scrumptious 1.25" tall pin designed by AshleyRoboto! Ooooh, we’re spreading it on thicc!

Bean Heart

Adorn your wonderful self with this cute Bean Heart designed by AshelyRoboto. Sometimes a little bean is all you need!

Swing by the AshelyRoboto Collection over on the YeteeMart to check out all these items as well as an imbed of her Twitch streams which you can scope every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday!